Prediction of the 2016 U.S. Presidents and a vice presidential candidate.

The 2016 President and a vice presidential candidate are Hillary Clinton and the Madonna.
Although Mr. Obama’s term eye can be finished with winding-up of pending affairs of President Bush’s misrule and there is no telling whether an appropriate result can be got, in 2 terms, for the policy of the Republican Party, the U.S. people also have allergy, and the inclination to the Democratic Party will continue by this [ here ].
The presidential election of the 2016 U.S. expects me to bear the first woman president in the U.S. national history.
Although Mr. Hillary Clinton has finished duty of the Secretary of State, in the next presidential election, it is regarded as the last chance, surrounding people aid, and it is predicted that an offensive is applied to which and faced.
Ms. Hillary is still 65 years old, although retirement is hinted.
The candidate deeply concerned with this is the Madonna.
By the middle of writing this report,
It becomes clear that it is kinship with Hillary and the singer Madonna far also by chance.
Mr. Ronald Reagan is a former actor.
Notability is harnessed and it is brilliant success in an election.
Inducing the confidential relation called “Ron and Yasu” with Mr. Nakasone, the bonds of the Japan-U.S. alliance became strong.
The Madonna is also the person who similarly made the time as a businessman as an artist as an actress.
Although there is a strong thought to global notability and peace and it is in pine free [ of world tour ] at present, whether this time becomes a conclusion from the shift to politician activity has the very high concern about politics until now, although it does not understand.
The woman president and talk of Argentina were made and the image as a female politician is also done also the movie “Evita.”
Is the pair of the first woman president, the Vice-President, Hillary, and the Madonna born?
Let’s suppose that it watches carefully.


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