The golden rule of world peace.

As for people’s appearance, the book of 90 percent and appearance of the kind of all the persons or the view of a superficial thing sells well.
For a creator, the art can say it also as the severe world “appearance is one hundred percent.”
The rate of the golden ratio means the thing of the most beautiful physical ratio told to the time of ancient Egypt.
A ratio in every direction is 1:1.618.
I feel that surely it settles down legible somehow also on the screen of a movie, or the screen of TV.
The style in which it is applied and built also in the advertising world is also established.
If all that are expressed touch people’s eyes at all, the work is a ratio of the ideal which has a feeling of composure in appearance beautifully, or the creator always has to put the heart.
In the textbook or the explanatory, da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, an angle, the Parthenon shrine, the pyramid group of Egypt, Miro’s Venus, etc. referred to a past fine-arts work and building, and have deduced the golden ratio with them.
Probably, persons are conscious from the beginning and think those days that do not do physical calculation and they are not necessarily making.
Since it was charmed by something that is made since he would like to express and that is drawn since it was felt beautiful, it has made somehow …
I think that it was such natural feeling.
Although I also had time of having drawn oil painting before, I did not get used to feeling of calculating and drawing a subject very much.
I did not have such dexterity, either.
However, in the design field, I think whether remarkable application can be performed.
It is not even a dream that rows of houses and the earth become beautiful by application of the rate of the golden ratio.
Dispute is lost, a gap is lost and it is said that people in the world can live on good terms,
If “the rate of the new golden ratio” is found,
Is it called the Nobel Peace Prize?


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