The end of a human beings’ extinction event.

Maia’s calendar disturbance finished with you and, probably, he has felt relieved.
However, can’t that there was an unexpected merit in human beings’ extinction be eliminated?
It enumerates below.
1) For the earth, when the human beings who were also the greatest noxious insects stopped there having been, they were able to return to the original beautiful earth.
2) Environmental destruction and the deviation of the natural environment by artifact composition were solved.
3) Human beings controlled other living things and it becomes unnecessary to have repeated the rise and fall of civilization, and when a new living thing reigned as human beings’ successor, it saved from global ruin.
4) Accumulating the terminal treatment plant of a nuclear power plant in the inside of the body of the earth was stopped, and the global downfall has been avoided.
5) Global warming has been avoided when human beings stopped there being.
6) Slaughter and dispute were lost when human beings’ selfish money game did not exist.
Naturally, the accumulated debt of a company or an individual also becomes Chala.
7) The chance for a next Extraterrestrial Intelligence object to consider the transplant to that of the new earth comes.
8) For the earth, the experiment of the civilization of the short human beings 1 million was completed, and it certainly became helpful.


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