The major offense of a tax haven.

The tax haven (tax haven) and money laundering (money laundering) used as the trigger of the financial unrest from 2007.
Although it is the technical term which everyone of the amateur was made to see compulsorily, probably, it will be certain that this serves as financial unrest in the world, and a reason which has caused the downturn of the world economy.
It is the world and no less than 50 areas are a certain tax havens.
It has become bored if the most of relevance with City of London is deep.
Is the thing with many areas in English Kokuryo for that reason?
It seems that there is a tax haven state also in the U.S.
The money which is flowing into many multinational companies or a millionaire and zaibatsu-related tax haven is 2 quadrillion yen.
Since the amount of GDP in the world is about 6000 to 7 quadrillion yen, it is equivalent to 1/3.
Although the amount of a loss in the world in the Lehman shock is ambiguous, it is still guessed that it is 7 quadrillion yen 10 times.
What will happen to capitalism from now on?


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