I will change the world into good history by a time slip.

ImagePossible in creation, although it will probably be actually impossible.
Also a possibility that history will also change if a new elementary particle is discovered and a time shift becomes possible.
There was a U.S. time slip drama called a time tunnel before.
By a time slip machine with two present-day incomplete doctors, it is adrift in the past and the future without reliance, and encounters a historical person.
If it meets mother Mary of yes, it falls to love and a child is born, it will be said that Christ’s birth is nothing, it exerts a ripple on history and the Vatican and a Palestinian problem also stop for example, existing.
Doesn’t Islam have discord of Christianity, either?
The way of thinking which a present-day doctor is going to do a time slip to an end of Edo Period by JIN, and is going to change history is also interesting.
As for the terminator series and Buck Tusa future, TimeCop, the Warring States Self-Defense Forces, etc. can change history.
The love story to which a woman does the time slip also of the じゃ nail, and it has relation 合い with emperors in pine free [ of the Qing Dynasty ].
Since Mr. Isoroku Yamamoto was born again, did the dark blue fleet also do?
The time when we are alive will be an instant if it sees historically.
If even TPP which is the reason this point and line become some history books of the future is seen historically, there is no telling whether what will happen from now on.
A new money game is resumed without subjugating the financial engineering person of Wall Street.
Nobody understands the thing of the future.
I would like to make good history and to go taking advantage of teachings.


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