“The Nobel Peace Prize to the EU union”

Is it the contribution from a continent to “the continent of peace of war”?
I did not think that the framework beyond not an individual but a state was also awarded.
the track record that “Nippon” contributed peacefully [ the world ] in 60 or so years when it was right — probably it is .
Although irrational “Constitution of Japan” is a product of GHQ, while not being deleted from the former enemy clauses in Charter of the United Nations which the Allies made even now after unconditional surrender, you should confer the Nobel Peace Prize on “Nippon” where the world is doing its best peacefully.
It is the favor where EU was able to do it, and Europe has caused much more confusion.
Is political expectation also involved?
While any track record cannot be found, only by a speech, Mr. Obama who got the Nobel Peace Prize cannot be convinced, either.
It is said that it fought to Colonel Kadhafi and the last of Libya.
Mr. Hitler, Mr. Mussolini, etc. were reaching the candidate of the Nobel Peace Prize once.


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