“Three poisoned arrows of the Ministry of Finance for a tax increase”

That they are the conditions that it is indispensable that recovery of business and the rise of disposable income have become more than prices in order to make consumption tax increase successful in April, next year have the strong admiration which is all out to too much hasty apparent environmental structure, although everyone must be Governor familiar Shu clause.
It is necessary to show the economic ambience in April to June well for consumption tax increase next year.
It turns out that the tenacity of purpose over a tax increase of the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is not simple.
Although it is the Bank of Japan, and it is a tax injection, a setup of a different dimension price increase (an order is reverse) will be a piece required for the Abe Administration.
Although April, next year may come and Mr. KURA may receive reproach of having written the unpatriotic person Abe criticism,
The pension cut, the price increase, the premium rise, the tax rise and power rates which will start from now on, and 4% or more of rise of consumption prices,
Is that a 120 yen weak yen and the economic deterioration 、 are expected from 100 yen which does not require a TPP negotiation rupture, reincarnation and the wage cut of a bubble, and a brake only my comment?
saying [ that President Kuroda preached the necessity for fiscal reconstruction after bold money market relaxation ] — also taking — don’t you correct and doesn’t that it was [ how ] skillful with the tax increase strategy of the Ministry of Finance say that it exposed?
Although it is burning with accomplishment of revenge of the 1st term with an Abe Mr. end, it is a question whether it can be said to be reform by national eyes very much.


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