The role which it plays of Japan.

It is reported to the extent that money market relaxation, a fiscal policy, and a growth strategy are sick of listening to that story almost every day with the arrow of three Mr. Abe advocating, but the shortsighted hasty reform based on a market mechanism has the admiration which it tries to overcome only by fingers without changing a Japanese system.
Therefore, a possibility that these three arrows will break suddenly one day cannot be eliminated.
On the other hand, “the day of restoration of sovereignty” is called Peace Treaty signed in San Francisco, Japan-US Security Treaty, and Status of Forces Agreement between Japan and the U.S.,
although the thing of three poisoned arrows along which it cannot pass is said if it avoids — an eternal crease — it is not right [ that ].
Even if the Japanese government changes the constitution how much, it is a problem only in the country, a Japan-U.S. power relationship should not change and, internationally, the influence should not exist.
Although the U.S. and China saw the news which carries out joint military exercises the other day, even if the world is moved by the logic of a victorious nation and Japan still sees the present condition which is not deleted from the enemy clause of the U.N. Charter after the war — the state of the Constitution of Japan — international relations — I stand and think that it is necessary to look back upon a position.
Although it is not opposed to Mr. Abe’s idea of revising ? constitution suitable for the independent country, and trying to perform nation-building with influence good for the world, I think whether the relation which improves the U.S. flattery relations for whether it is being able to perform the contribution to the peace and prosperity from the world which are carried out in respect and reverence and whose catch is possible on equal terms can be built, and that important one should perform every festival from such a viewpoint.


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