“The Abe family’s crime and punishment of Showa Era”

Although Mr. Nobusuke Kishi took action towards nuclear power generation of Japan and Mr. Abe’s grandfather is asked, It will be because there is an appropriate reason in adhering to export of nuclear power plants in Turkey or a newly emerging country (it is … although there is the present condition that the safety of 54 nuclear reactors has not been established yet), and adhering to a constitutional amendment also until he would like to pass for 60 years.
Mr. Nobusuke Kishi is the Prime Minister at the time of 1958, and he was teaching the management and wartime control economy of Manchukuo to prewar days as a commerce-and-industry phase under the Tojo Cabinet.
Although evidence is destroyed and the relation with Unit 731 is unknown (from even Emperor Hirohito’s arriving according to circumstances), it is hard to think that there was nothing.
In spite of having been judged as an A-class war criminal as well as Mr. Tojo, it is released just before execution, and the reason is still unknown.
Probably it was the same as Shoriki and there was a debt by CIA.
Moreover, it is a person concerned with revision of Japan-U.S. security, and yielded the U.S. the administrative power of Okinawa, Ogasawara, and Amami for 60 years.
The return to Okinawa is as Prime Minister Sato, an uncle, in 20 years.
Also the reason for having wanted to force the event of “the day of restoration of sovereignty” (day of humiliation),
It arrives there.
Although political power was thrown away suddenly and it came back five years afterward at once, to put it bluntly, “the Abenomics” can say it also as the rip-off of “Reaganomics”, and is exactly an economic policy for 1% of the wealthy.
Probably, five years will be required for 2% of inflation target.
It is the shin without being able to deny a feeling of Masa of the bureaucrat of with consumption tax increase at will first, although business has hung low.
That wages are going up is only the company by which the first section market was restricted.
The critic supporting affirmation hits a spot only there.
Since mass media had reduction tax rates promised, it came to refrain from the negative report of the consumption tax.
After all, people become the composition of resigning oneself.
In the House of Councilors, if a majority is got, the governing party will also change an attitude like the present cat drastically.
If it becomes reincarnation of Imperial Rule Assistance Association by the reason the argument on congressional gets hot and a democratic method becomes possible since there is a twist although there is a twist of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the U.S.,
Mr. Abe will also follow the same way as a grandfather, Mr. Kishi.
Please have such recognition and face electors the Upper House election in summer.
Although I do not understand an election outcome in the right or the left, if decided anyway, we have to have this point preparedness and have to make a living.
It does not start, even if it says after having been decided.
The level of good sense of Japan thinks whether to be a good opportunity to confirm how much it is.


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