The blind spot of the Abe Administration.

Originally, I am an idea of a maintenance centrist, and although I am a critic supporting two main political parties, I object the 1955 regime of Japanese politics to an intention and the Abe second administration which tries to return to a return to prewar conditions if possible.
The main reason and doubt,
1) Why are ways which are called three arrows and which are called money market relaxation, a fiscal policy, and a growth strategy more nearly already a trap and before?
2) What kind of thing is it that it cannot pierce through which commits itself to the TPP contrary in a previous general election?
3) Why is the mass media taken in in order to make with consumption tax increase precedence fait-accompli-ize first?
4) You imitated Reaganomics which went wrong. Why did you appear in a feat of strength called a abenomics?
5) Although it is not necessary to carry out immediately, why does it adhere to revision of the Constitution of Japan which is also the insurance of peace?
6) the nuclear power plant policy which a grandfather, Mr. Shinsuke Kishi, introduced is pushed on forcing why — does it advance?
7) the clue to a guarantee and maintenance of the safety of a nuclear power plant, or a final disposal why does it adhere to export, being unable to take out?
8) Why is it untouched although revival of the Great East Japan Earthquake does not still progress?
9) Don’t perform a pension system reform and social security system reform, but you turn your eyes only to a tax increase. Why do you apply [ people ] a burden only in about?
10) Why is it that performs only 政 which tampers with the system of an immediate system, with government official reform and bureaucracy reform not carried out?
11) Don’t make a young man’s job insecurity cancel.
12) Why does not give priority to an income target over a consumer price target?
13) Why can’t it perform diplomacy of being persuasive?
14) Why does not put power into weak relief and a safety net?
15) Are SNS (facebook registrants are 13 million people in Japan) and the removal of the ban on an election campaign using the Internet so required?
16) Although national defense is reliance construction in peaceful talks, why does it rival first?
Although Mr. shu is affable and a not much fine thing is not said by the mouth, considerable diplomacy is done under the water surface.
There is a limit only by the diplomacy of only principle.
There are any number of ways the Democratic Party wins in an election.
Depending on a way, a seat can be increased sharply.
Since Mr. Noda dispersed the crushing defeat by preparedness with courage, brought a destructive result, but when it changes and looks at a viewpoint, it is a guess, but it may be liking for the Abe Administration to only have fished in troubled waters, and for inside not to have 3 party agreement, to use energy for maintenance of power at a narrow angle, and to only build the same 1 many power of a bureaucrat, the business world, and the mass media as prewar days.
Therefore, the present political power is not the state of the original Liberal Democratic Party.


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