The deterrent, the Constitution of Japan which also surpass nuclear weapons.

Although it was a general term of movement “which does not ride on nonviolent, disobedient, and provocation”, the principle of nonresistance of Mr. Gandhi of India, Although it results in the act of “war” which extension of a grudge or a grudge says by Mr. Son’s military tactics and which is the minimum solution and it is imperfect now used as human beings’ patent,
I think that the role which it plays in the world of the “Constitution of Japan” is large.
Is that think whether it is symbolic existence of a deterrent stronger than a core of the present-day principle of nonresistance only I?
The wise judgment called “construction of an act and reciprocity which avoids a battle” by self-control, moderation, a fair view, and good sense just because people are the living things which cannot escape from destruction, a fight, and monopolistic desires instinctively can be said to be human beings’ common property.
It is an impossible time actually to use nuclear weapons.
If it uses, there cannot be no history of the future.
Survival of human beings is an impossible reason after use.
The earth itself may be survived.
There is a method which human beings will survive from now on in avoiding argument and aiming at the extermination of a gap by reciprocity, mutual trust, and balance distribution of wealth.
It is not the time when only one country reaches to an extreme of prosperity.
Just sharing of wealth leads argument and terrorism to losing an extermination and a gap.
Even if it does not carry out a constitutional amendment etc., naturally legitimate self-defense and exclusively defensive defense can be done, and management must be possible without limit by the interpretative method.
There is no persuasive power in running recklessly too much with individual thought, with no national consensus.
Doesn’t existence of the “Constitution of Japan” to the extent that you may make it world heritage become the strongest deterrent that surpasses a core?


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