An impression and venue prediction theme of a 2020 Summer-Olympics presentation

A time is always dramatic.
According to the British bookmaker (bet store), popularity is [ 1.6 times as many Tokyo and No. 2 popularity ] Istanbul most, and 3.5 times and the No. 3 popularity of the odds of the Summer Olympics venue in 2020 are 4.0 times in.

“Too severe a 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games English site”

Shimowake is read and it does not understand well liking what to transmit to whom how on earth like understanding.
Probably an advertising agency considers in Dentsu.
Although it is said being conscious of why and How that it appeals, the eye from overseas is absurdly severe.
“The message which becomes in use does not exist but the idea of Olympic Games bidding is thin.
There is too much hate speech.
When changing a copywriter, there is much ? public man’s improper language, and it is unpleasant. ”
Although it is said that there are 115 persons in the Olympic Games committee, a strategy seems to have not taken to them.
To everything but why and How,
Is who and heart also necessity?


“Tokyo 2020 will bring together dynamic innovation and global inspiration. It will unite the power of the Games with the unique values of theJapanese people andthe excitement of acity that sets globaltrends. It will be a unique celebration that will help reinforce and renew the Olympic Values for the new generation.And will contribute to more young people, worldwide, sharing the dreams, hopes and benefits of sport.

…Quotation from a <reference>* site.


….I think Istanbu will win..


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