U.S. The locus from A to U.S.W.

From the Unaited Stauts of America
To the Unaited States of World.
How is it drawn in the history book of the future 100 years after?
Noting that human beings are still striding to the earth then.
although Star Trek will be a tale in the 24th century, it is such good sense world — or it may be in the transition stage now about whether Big Brother come to sway the world like CM of the shock in 1984 of an apple.
As for the U.S. which is presenting the aspect of the present-day petit Roman Empire, it is clear that much organizations which do not understand the man in the street were back [ the ] which has so far directed the center in the world after the war, and there were also vested rights and interests.
About the reason of why Mr. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, there is nothing without also understanding the opinion from the sponsor side, but it is unavoidable to also call it a kind of strategy propaganda.
Although I am in an ad industry for a long time and it plans to be informed of public relations, the process of advertisement, and the strategy, the irrationality is also understood, and the existing objective way and admonition are also regarded as important, and feel strongly the necessity of discerning and criticizing the essence of strategic propaganda.
An American intelligence organization and its mighty system are apprehending in the former CIA personnel’s and the act of the U.S. Government which is going to erase the him although was exposed.
How is the situation of offering [ Yahoo! / GPS, an apple, Facebook, Microsoft, ] personal information unsparingly?
Is Mr.” Obama who made the track record of murder of Mr. bin Laden who does not understand [ whether it is also a genuine article or ] cornered to there?
Is the way to The Unaited States of World made?


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