President Obama is dangerous.

Mr. Snowden’s exile is also likely to serve as a question of time as Ecuador makes the anti-American position clear day by day somehow, but is it worrisome in what kind of thing the top secret information is?
although only this much serves as a dismay also the journalist and journalist of the mass media, crack bloggers have imaginative power and foresight power.
I enumerate below in the style of brainstorming.
(Since it is a guess and reasoning to the last, please forgive)
– Truth of a JFK incident
– The national Apollo Project fabrication plan
– The plan of the lie of UFO
– Back business of the cyber assault to China, and military information – North Korea
– The latest information on Russia
– Resource information on erasure – Afghanistan of plutonium conservative quantity of Japan, the mechanism of war on Iraq without the CIA personnel death – righteousness in the U.S. consulate in forcing – Benghazi of a nuclear power plant, and Hussein
– All the information on the fabrication concealment information – anti-American state of Mr. bin Laden murder
– It is the scenario making– Asia resource capture strategy to the continuation of world dispute of the stabilization [ of the military-industrial complex ] – military-industrial complex at world terrorism creation strategy.
– Islamic eradication strategy
– Iran information
– Spy grand strategy to every country in the world
– Preparation of new key currency
Although imagination can be carried out, is there any more important information?
It is an aspect similar to Nixon’s Watergate Affair.


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