No.124 “a Moyurupen”

The subtitle of a “Moyurupen” is “research of new history.”
A. Catch a time from the viewpoint of a current of Mr. Toynbee’s civilization, study the established historical fact and a hypothetical historical possibility, and look for a clue which gropes for the way contemporary civilization should be.
“Research of Moyurupen ! new history” does dispatch and proposal so that it may become an indicator from an original viewpoint to the better future.
<> No.124 “a Moyurupen”
<> Distribution : every week Friday
<Table of contents>
1) The current in the world
<> The “worst contents of a secret that Mr. Snowden grasps”
2) A current of Japan
<> The current of “election campaign on the Web which does not rise” 3 social trend
<> “Severe reality visited after Upper House election twist dissolution”
4) The current of a sport, entertainments, and culture
<> “A gold medalist’s world domination “”
5) A historical current
<> “I will get interested in the present time by the collection of current issues.”
6) The current of horse culture
<> “Summer series and Tanabata prize”
* ***********************
* ***********************
1) The current in the world
<> The “worst contents of a secret that Mr. Snowden grasps”
Mr. Snowden’s exile is also likely to serve as a question of time as Ecuador makes the anti-American position clear day by day somehow, but is it worrisome in what kind of thing the top secret information is?
although only this much serves as a dismay also the journalist and journalist of the mass media, crack bloggers have imaginative power and foresight power.
I enumerate below in the style of brainstorming.
(Since it is a guess and reasoning to the last, please forgive)
– Truth of a JFK incident
– Substance of the Cabinet Secretariat secret fund
– The true cause of B787
– The secret of FEMA
– The national Apollo Project fabrication plan
(It is not carrying out in the moon)
– The plan of the lie of UFO
– Back business of the cyber assault to China, and military information – North Korea
– The latest information on Russia
– Resource information on erasure – Afghanistan of plutonium conservative quantity of Japan, the mechanism of war on Iraq without the CIA personnel death – righteousness in the U.S. consulate in forcing – Benghazi of a nuclear power plant, and Hussein
– All the information on the fabrication concealment information – anti-American state of Mr. bin Laden murder
– It is the scenario making– Asia resource capture strategy to the continuation of world dispute of the stabilization [ of the military-industrial complex ] – military-industrial complex at world terrorism creation strategy.
– Islamic eradication strategy
– Iran information
– Spy grand strategy to every country in the world
– Preparation of new key currency
Although etc. imagination can be carried out, is there any more important information?
It is an aspect similar to Nixon’s Watergate Affair.
Is it at Obama and the time?
2) A current of Japan
<> “Election campaign on the Web which does not rise”
In SNS or a blog, OK and mail are useless.
The ban on mail transfer distribution, the ban on printed matter distribution, prohibition of an underage election campaign.
How much are charged-sites seeing people, such as Nico Nico Douga, sure enough?
The active user of 13 million Facebook(s) and 10 million Twitter(s) is countless.
Doesn’t it seem to be so much?
Although it seems that a part is prosperous in an election campaign on the Web, on the whole, I see and think that it is looked by the cold eye.
Although negotiation participation will be carried out from July at TPP, the guard and strategy of each country are an iron wall, and Japan which considered it too much indulgently should be driven into a quite disadvantageous situation.
There is not necessarily a possibility that a coined word called a Abenomix will carry out independence, however the Abe second administration will become one-person lonlyness truly.
In the campaign pledge before an election, if the pain to the people who should exist is covered by a veil and the twist after a great victory is solved, even if Mr. Abe will make them open, we cannot complain.
Especially especially the younger one and the direction where it abstains by a blank power of attorney are cautions.
Shall at it, be [ although supplied to a general contractor like water, the social security cost to the weak should be deleted rapidly, and ] ready also for the situation which people are forced in suffering?
3) The current of a social trend
<> “Severe reality visited after Upper House election twist dissolution”
Although the Abe second administration first inaugurated in with a consumption tax looks favorable by the Abenomics of economic policy priority, it is sure for a burden to come by future bill approval to the life of the people.
Below uneasy-matter.
1 and a pension fund are abolished and the prospect of a life stops standing.
Since 1 and consumption tax increase do not become adjournment, a household economy becomes much more painful.
The future is uneasy at 1 and assets taxation introduction.
Since 1 and a death consumption tax are introduced, it becomes impossible to have real estate.
1 and pension receipt age will be 70 years old.
Weak relief is reduced.
Although it is 1 and inflation, income does not increase.
Only the thing in which increasing by 1,500,000 in ten years is [ most ] small to a worker at the company side becomes.
1 and consolidation of the pension systems become eternally impossible.
1 and TPP become negotiation nonparticipation.
It becomes impossible the place which should give priority to discharge of internal suspension of 225 trillion yen over 1 and a tax cut for enterprise.
1 and social security cost are reduced.
Nuclear power plant uneasiness increases by MOX plutonium and plutonium-thermal-use nuclear power plant operation which move against 1 and the world.
The gap of 1, the wealthy, and the poor is expanded.
1 and bureaucrat Heaven stride.
It is isolated from 1 and the world.
1 and the Constitution of Japan become an ingredient of a political strife.
1 and a budget deficit increase.
4) The current of a sport, entertainments, and culture
<> “A gold medalist’s world domination “”
Let’s expect and watch.
5) A historical current
<> “I will get interested in the present time by the collection of current issues.”
In you, the question to everyday life and the doubt to social structure infer many usually.
There is a thing which such I would also like to investigate suddenly by a human being like the lump of curiosity plentifully.
By such a thing, the collection of problems was made from the mutual study meeting.
Although an answer is prepared once, since assertion is impossible unless it is wrong, if you would sometimes like to be pointed out, please confirm in person.
■ moyurupen!  the 4
1. The Present Chiba Governor’s Name (Real Name)?
– Kensaku Morita
– Eiji Suzuki
– Koji Kobayashi
– Double-dealing Ichiro
– Kensaku Tamori
2. How were the Contents of the Talk of Saigo and Katsu in Fact? Or were They Different Contents?
“I make war on Edo castle.”
It is ” out of which such and others releases fire to the streets.”
It is allowed and ” and an impersonal act [ reduce ] are already  “.
“– it is — I will adopt a measure here — .
Mr. Saigo and you are also the human beings of a former government.
new government — wrong — it is —  — bloodless Kaesong , surroundings にぁ, and an example –or .
it meets — ?”
“– っつ which can give honor of Satsuma and Choshu in exchange for it — there are any things — ”
“ぜ which may be said if you take decision by tacit consent, although it is the talk here”
“Is it  when there is a  method?”
“– Aizu .
It is a fort of a griddle there.
Obtain that I only have you accept in it although it is bad to Katamori.”
“じゃどん — swerve and come out — is it with ?
He is me ….”
“– what — it is when  — new substitute  lives — ,
Edo castle is the maximum height.
Verbeck’s scenario — a passage .
Even if it makes what was taken in that photo studio un-announcing officially, it  and it is nice, and it is in.
It seems that they are us the  gurus, and is … ”
“Did you get to know too and exist?
meeting —  — I understand.
An example is attached by Aizu and it is … ”
3. Contents of the Latest Movie that Madonna Directed?
– Diana’s extramarital affair
– The romance of the century of Edward VIII and Simpson
– Love of Monroe
– Love of Williams and Catherine
–  Stiller tale
4. Why Doesn’t Mr. Abe Live in Official Residence?
– Because a ghost appears.
– Because it is looking for the mother’s directions.
– Because there is a trauma of 226.
– Because the Internet is not made freely.
– Because the house commuting is easier.
5. Do You Think that Twist is Canceled in Upper House Election in Summer?
– I consider.
– I do not consider.
6. Do you think that negotiation of TPP is successful?
– Fail.
– Succeed.
– It does not become national interest.
– It becomes national interest.
– Secede.
7. What Do You Think Mr. Obama Will Become from Now on by Exposure of World Personal Information Surveillance System?
– Develop into the scandal of the Nixon class.
– It is satisfactory.
– Abdicate the throne for Biden.
– Make Mr. Romney into the President.
– An approval rating plunges.
8. What happened to Ms. Ayame Goriki in the national beauty-in-the-bud contest.
– The victory was won.
– It finished second.
– It was the third place.
– It said to the secondary primary.
– It was defeated in initial screening.
9. Name of Master of Former Madonna Who Appeared on Movie of The Thin Red Line?
– John Travolta
– Sean Pen
– George Clooney
10. The Latest Composition Name that Madonna was Awarded by Golden Globe Last Year?
– World piece
–  Suwayh
– Extract pres yourself
– Masterpiece
– you must love me
6) The current of horse culture
<> “Summer series and Tanabata prize”
The JRA summer series starts.
1000?1200, 1600, and 2000 series are jostling.
Let’s send encouragement to the hot battle for two months to a horse race in autumn.
Anticipation results are unsatisfactory although G1 battle line of this spring was impressive.
By honest research and reasoning, and low risk junior-and-senior-high-schools return, let’s scuttle toward a dream.
July 7 is Tanabata.
thinking that it returned simple — 7-7 — one point.


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