Dear Mr. Shinzo Abe

Also in Mr. Abe, I am delighted with health and prosperity so that it may be intense heat unusually this summer.
At an electoral campaign, something and the thing of labor consider by this heat.
In this Upper House reelection, the Liberal Democratic Party and a fair overwhelming victory play are expected.
Probably, for the side to support, it is a delightful limitation.
the probability which turns to renunciation of a right desires an independents class in size — a passage — a voter turnout — it is not likely to go up — it is a situation.
An electoral slate’s aid can also be had and faced a margin and I being-aware-carry out very pleasant days with whether it is over a fault.
A twist of both Houses is also solved at last and Promotion of a constitutional amendment or nuclear power plant rights, a bureaucrat’s government-parachutist-into-private-industry promotion, Revival of the general contractor by formation of country tough, much more subordination-izing to the U.S., and the addition of money paid to the authorities can also be put on track, moreover, the sacrifice of the burden of the national increase of a consumption tax burden or social security cost is not minded, either — there is also a backer of beautiful wonderful national traits and, in between for political power, three arrows of a アベノ mix are also the vigor which is likely to fulfill the duty.
Although the complete defeat was suffered and political power was suddenly thrown up in the time of the Upper House election in last time, even if it should become so this time also and does not live in an official residence, since energy is recovered and it is mentally and strong, it is not having worries, but he promises one here.
It does not carry out escaping, even if a twist is not canceled, but even if there is argument of a faction after a great victory collectively, I want you directly to be in charge of problem solving.
if I want you to soften a national burden and to protect only future worry-about-life dissolution — being aware.
Nuclear power plant re-operation has a problem considerably as an energy policy for national 100 years.
If nuclear weapons are built, if the final disposal is also as, it will not become at any rate, but only uneasy increase approaches people in the situation of discharging contaminated water to the sea.
It is a part of major company which income goes up, and not almost all people have a benefit.
Although it is the last request, the rail of the Constitution of Japan will be protected, and will avoid friction with neighboring nations, and I will carry out broad-minded correspondence, it would like you to guarantee the stability of a country, and please give it to me.

Yours truly



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