happy new year 2014

“It is verification at a fair eye about postwar world order and issue of Cabinet ministers paying visits to Yasukuni Shrine.”

Although Mr. Abe’s sudden visit to Yasukuni Shrine is stormy [ of criticism ] from all over the world, the current of the times should be recognized calmly or shelves, the situation, and the solution should be appearing.
In war, it is [ that the body must be given ] also a problem not to assert something to say of the direction which is history and in which it lost although it was necessary in the side which won at convenience [ of a direction ] which won when losing.
If it says only within the Yasukuni Jinja problem, by the eye from the victorious nation (Allies) side, it will be outrageous that the A-class war criminal in the Far East trial is enshrined together.
Therefore, what is necessary is to return Yasukuni Jinja or just to enshrine separately.
United Nations is only an interpretation in Japanese, and the meaning of Unaited Nations the “Allies” which takes a stand against the Axis powers in the Second World War is right.
In short, it is still five nations of the U.S., the U.K., the Buddha, the dew, and China of a permanent member of the Security Council in a victorious nation that form the origin of the world order of the second large postwar period.
To Japan, China is bold, and probably, it has come out because bearing world order even now also has with the U.S. self-confidence that they are themselveses of the victorious nation side.
Even if the U.S. is thinking the relation as important and looks at common military training, not to mention hostility, and frequent information exchange from Japan, be [ it / permanent members of the Security Council stand, and / in a position ] that of China is sane.
The visit to Yasukuni Shrine of Mr. Abe in the inside of such a situation should have coped with it carefully.
That the now top Emperor will be 80 years old, and never causes the tragedy of a previous war, the present Constitution of Japan is observed and the peace in every day of national stability and the world is wished.
It is moved also by the wind which made the order also to the politics liable to [ of Mr. Abe ] a reckless run.
Because Mr. Koizumi had a frank talk also individually [ Mr. Republican Party Bush ] and the relation was built,
Even if it worshipped at Yasukuni Jinja, it was protecting, but since Mr. Democratic Party Obama is the China serious consideration, similarly he does not go.
A situation will be having changed, since it is anti-China-oriented if Mr. Romney had become the President.
Because world order will not change for 70 years after the war, I think that it is remaining in history, but the order in the world also changes a time,
It reforms completely some day or must reconstruct.
If all the history books of the future are kicked, there is no telling whether it builds world order with new mist with war for whether it is what is discussed and depended again.
Mr. Hitler is astronomical claimable amount and he entrapped Germany — the Treaty of Versailles — not reaching the political world but following the way to an honest painter, if there was nothing reckless
Possibly it did not need to become a dictator whom a rate does not suit.
Although there is Nazism as a pronoun of Holocaust by U.S. propaganda,
Zionism = in a Nazi government — there was a Jerusalem transplant plan which a Nazi agreement on commerce (Haberler agreement) depends from prewar days — as — certainly — Mr. Hitler — Jew erasure — there was no idea of saying.
There is also a Jew migration plan to the Madagascar island, and it is said that it suffered a setback due to aggravation of the war situation.
How mass murder called a thing with true mass murder of Auschwitz and the atomic bombing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki is I feel [ of a transition stage ] that the direction which looked at the flow of the world with stance called 興亡 of civilization objective can read the wave of a time enough even now rather than narrowing eyes for what happened to the Jew mass murder under the Stalin organization in immediate news.
A repetition of war and dispute still has immature human beings, and is only proving the thing which is youth and to say.
the future wall which mutual instigated instinct in vain and was mistaken — it is — be — obtaining — and — again
Probably, it will be certain that recognition that the historical tragedy must not be repeated is the minimum requirements for which the leader of one country is asked.
Probably, it has been one year when the inside and outside of Japan change suddenly this year.
Also at the bottom, politics and economy be brawny, should support each other, and should be useful and go by their own pace.


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