President Obama and girl Malara.

Two girls of the teens of Pakistan were able to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year.
Is it that the petition from Islamic guerrilla groups to the world which has in an attack neither the right to receive female education intently even with a receptacle, nor argument says that it was welcomed from the time through action?
The track record till then and degree of share of sympathy of Nobel Peace Prize must be strong.
In that respect, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize was too burdensome for Mr. Obama.
Although it is called evaluation as an expected value in the world, Even if it sees trying to tackle the schedule which spends the tax paid by the sweat of its brow of 200 trillion yen, establishment of a nuclear bombing attack party, implementation of an underground critical-nucleus experiment, and the policy that is not suitable for a peace prize by renewal of nuclear weapons for the other ten years, appealing for abolition of nuclear weapons, The Nobel Prize transfer is considered as it is better to be canceled.
When Pakistan was before borrowed from IMF, it could attach the “collateral condition” on the title called foreign aid, and it was forced to allot few incomes of a country to the payment of a claim.
Even by the Pakistan government’s stopping assigning to national public education, it was forced by it to pay a creditor, in order to be carried out and to repay directions from IMF to AID (U.S. Agency for International Development) which is a creditor so that curtailed budget may be carried out.
A public education system and the fund of cultural activities are taken, and last の is exactly forcing on a religious education institution (no charge) the duty which originally teaches children reading and writing.
? — such institution is just “Taliban” that means a “student.”
mere extremists and terrorist — it is not a problem to say.
Did the curtailed budget to the education which the U.S. forced become intense anger, and also become the reason that the preliminary moves of 911 were made?
The strategy to the Islam of the U.S. Government cannot be eliminated, either.
Probably the Nobel Peace Prize award of the Islam of this Pakistan felt deep the difference of the difference in temperature which receives peacefully from Mr. Obama, or there was much.


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