Selection of the U.S. people wrong after all.” (The postscript version)


It seems that the criticism to Mr. Obama has become strong day by day although the midterm election is approaching.
It is the report written two years ago.

“Selection 2014 which the U.S. people mistook”
Present Mr. Obama does not have an aura of four years ago, and there is admiration which knows the taste of power rather than a fresh smile.
Praising oneself to transition of employment statistics that there are jobless people with whom it reoverflows cannot say it as a not much good impression.
There are many people who have become disaffected toward the business which does not improve at all.
The real intention of a black person and Hispanic, “the benefit did not have the black President to a oneself black system and a colored race, either.
Nothing will change four years from now on, even if reelected.
Since it is the same race, it is unavoidable, but it cannot but put into him now …
Although he would like to vote for Mr. Romney in fact …”
Do the person of such thought and the reason for many serve as a backdrop in which Mr. Obama was reelected?
It is said that the independents class’s half abstained from voting.
The incumbent President was last spurt of the last angry waves, was pressed by 65-year-old fine Mr. Romney, and was feeling.
Was it around this summer?
A certain specialist, “when the present policy or Mr. Obama is reelected, an unemployment rate will not be 7% or less till 2015, but as long as there is the Republican Party which gets a majority by the House of Representatives with parallel lines, even if an employment environment also makes a medical-reforms and economic recovery policy President Obama, it is difficult.
It is furthermore, having to avoid the budget deficit beyond this, while a financial cliff’s is imminent …”
It seems that the Democratic Party side regards it as the fair wind in the presidential election if an unemployment rate is made into 7. 9%, and it is not getting so worse by the announcement of the employment statistics in October since the time of the Obama Administration inauguration is 7. 6%.
For Mr. Romney, it is just regarded as the adverse wind, high evaluation of hurricane correspondence of the suitable President attacks it, and, around, the situation is arguing increasingly that it is disadvantageous.
Very regrettable, if it accepts without question as media probably also say you.
How [ although initial shock was suitable to be sure / since anyone then must have been if it was the President / daring to use by an electoral campaign ].
Since an individual visit strategy plants a kind of obsession, is admiration impossible?
Although it is a question of employment important [ one more ], people or the part-time job of despair whom those who are carrying out job-hunting activities to the unemployment rate give up job-hunting, and do not give work for an object are not included.
Therefore, if which carried out job-hunting activities somehow again increases, an unemployment rate will increase.
The unemployment rate of righteousness should actually regard it as the upper value.
If it does so, a true unemployment rate will be 16% and 23 million people will not give work to it,
It is forced by 47 million people to be indebted to a food stamp.
It seems that Mr. Obama is unwilling to touch this not much.
Mr. Romney of diplomacy may not be elated.
But Mr. Obama is hard to be referred to as elated.
Due to consulate Libya, the blunder was committed and, as it is, that most was the CIA personnel might also have security.
Do the U.S. people sink together with [ from now on ] Mr. Obama during four years, or does it expect Mr. Romney’s positive strategy?
It seems that a result serves as the former and the U.S. people chose the stagnation.
Although it is rising by media, it will not continue for a long time, either.
There was expectation called if Mr. Romney was elected and it becomes the environment which not only the House of Representatives but also an understanding of the Senate tends to acquire.
Till 2015, although the present unemployment and employment environment worsen, it does not become good.
* The above is a report in November, 2012.


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