Although it will say in about 70 years after the war, Japanese English allergy has a frightful thing. A question mark takes lessons from correspondence to the native English which does not lose English in the official language of a shrine and with which advertising deployment of a public English conversation school does not lose what more than point and the English and the Americans in TOEC with some flooding rather, and a method is not. Is English so important?

I will think enough, if it is business and everyday English conversation and there is word power in a junior high school student level. When it sees from the English and the Americans, Japanese people are native, and a good feeling should not be carried out although English is spoken. Since he may be poor or babble may be sufficient, the opinion of it is expressed hard.
I think that a breast is struck to such a thing.
Fundamentally, pride is high and French people do not try to speak English themselves.
Probably, so will be other countries.
Japanese people should talk to the English and the Americans in Japanese first at home.
Or [ at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, it carries out English correspondence of the like which is not once ].
Kana as which the thing in necessary minimum may be sufficient.
If it goes into a certain country, the style of the country will be followed.
Isn’t it true “OMOTENASHI”?


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