The Government party 300 seat acquisition prediction report of suspicion.


The voter who keeps LDP away by this report?
Aren’t you here fairly?
Every day when I say that I’m anxious about party-lessness and have no choice.
It’s because I’m certain that I’ll send.
If Abe government ahead of this maintains super-stable majority long.
A burden of a tax will be common people and a loser more severely.
Even if there are no consumption taxes, only prices will jump up variously.
Living maintenance becomes difficult.
The camp where it’s disadvantageous when saying from the view point of strategy PR?
Money is lost and a rumor of the so-called praise suppression by which I profit is let run.
I make them hold surplus sense of expectation and makes a partner proud and careless and makes them dig.
Abe camp has made it clear to a major report relation before dismissal.
I use the situation well and get voter’s antipathy to ally on my side.
There is also a scenario at which utchari is aimed.
So, consequently, a serious decline of LDP.
The majority maintenance on the Government party side and such circumstances are also just expected, aren’t they?
The voter who keeps being tricked by a false prediction as 300 seats by the Government party.
Though half of voter can’t decide the attitude yet.
The influence which says a threat of LDP to this overwhelming victory report.
It’ll seem to have that, and isn’t the mass media.


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