“The Face Rock”

September an A.D. 20 XX year in Japan.
I was looking up at a northeastern course by Shinkiba station in HA JR Keiyo-sen.
Children give an excited cry. A home in the station is stirring by passengers getting on and off.
The clear cerulean-blue sky became dark suddenly. They seem worried while pointing and everyone is looking at the sky in the Tokyo Bay.
“A dad oh, please see. The wonderful number. What is it?”
“But don’t fly a lot…. I enter 1000 planes….”
“Is it a UFO…?”
“It’s really….”
“The height is high, and…. Oh, but that speed unites….”
“Be not two times of the Shinshin? speed of sound. It’s on earth, I have that….”
A student asked a grandfather.
“A grandfather looks good….”
“When was it in the previous war…, of the sky in Tokyo, the military are after a demonstration flight also does 1000 flights….”
“Said… ”
“Even if it’s seen so, the past is fighter taking. It’s once to Pearl Harbor by zero games…. HIKKU… ”
“I see. I see. Grandfather. Oh, I’ll soon drink so much from a morning, and, well… ”
“It’s heavy, is oh Mr. student? I don’t go to a war. I don’t go. My 3 elder brothers go to the south front by a scholar, and I have died. The one which goes from whether it’s good by all means…. ”
“I see, I see. Grandfather. I don’t go.”
A college student also got drunk soon and was carrying the aged people who seem to fall down to a doctor’s office in the station.
“I’m afraid….”

“Will it be a war again?… ”
A body is trembling with young women. A stretch of Daiba and Haneda Airport was darkness of night. Weirdness which even met a partial solar eclipse. The turn was silent. Young people indifferent to politics are usually becoming worried about the body suddenly, too.
A staff in the station ran.
“The call doesn’t get through to a stationmaster. A cellular phone… ”
“What on earth happens….”
“A television, a radio and a net are useless….”
Usual is the clerical worker and the office worker communicating with SUMAHO in the train. They too experienced in a convenient life by benefit of IT society are panic. A Japanese social system changes this day for them, it seems to be the day which should be commemorated.
The road map they just announced becomes real, and I’m making a face be stiffened somewhat. The second of previous day and Abe pulled later of political power, and kei was here, a young prime minister starts San Francisco peace treaty with a clean slate and has just notified the White House of Japan-US Security Treaty destruction. Independence in Okinawa was admitted all together and Shishima of Northern Territories was bought by cash at 50000000000000 yen by negotiations with Putin. When it was original, it was a Japanese peculiar territory, but I was taking the form as support to Russian economy that I became impoverished officially. Because Japan dashed against a wall by territorial problem and Yasukuni problem also was in the equal position with USA newly by political power the second, I couldn’t help going to exclusively defense-oriented policy, but 1000 strongest stealth fighters were possessed by the world as the mind and 80th vintage of command of the air was taken back via time, Abe. There are the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement and an atomic agreement now. A nuclear power plant did all decommissioning of reactor, so a nuclear weapon isn’t being possessed.
A current government is functioning as one class of the YAMATO creation of the world group Mercedes leads (the private total war research center where a forerunner started in 1941) effectively.
She was born between my Japanese mother and French father. When following the past of the father’s side, the French troops person at the time of Hakodate war is revealed. But a name of Mercedes was domestic and abroad in the time when the parents passed away and took a legacy of the state scale from the Meiji since then over, and it spread over the leap world.
Because she was similar to a face of Mary image, people also became the topic of conversation at a Catholic church. When her investigation is being advanced from the birth time under the surface of the water, I say in Vatican City. Japan had to protect a country without help and was from this day.

I can’t help abandoning my superficial concept such as now when an American nuclear umbrella has disappeared and a fault competition. The journalist who was raising nationalism eagerly up to now, military affairs and financial critics, well, when it’ll be the situation, I run away. An overseas correspondent says that iridescent discussion as the agreement itemized discussion opposite of general remarks is the cause which made this country go bad to here.
Young people’s turning to the right of the world will be conspicuously, and true leader eager-waiting theory from the end of a century has also come out from the Japanese young generation. The difference in the feud of a winner and a loser and the intense poverty and wealth makes rivalry be diffused. The Constitution of Japan will apply newly and is changed. The business also followed twenty-one periods of only way of deterioration since the world simultaneous multiple terrorism in the beginning, and the unemployment rate jumped up to 20%. An approval rate of a ministry was a stand one digit.
If it’s my expectation, how many days will Japan be probably anarchy? It’ll be 1 week later that she comes to Tokyo, but last meeting is the arrangements performed at Hakodate in front of it.
If I take a rest by coverage, I’m going to be in a hurry and go to Hakodate by a battle edge of Misaki where Mercedes is a strategist. A train was trying an urgent stop manually. A computer of the center control center seems to have been control impossibility. The ten and several jumbo jets which wait for support of a control tower in Haneda Airport are circling in the sky of the Tokyo Bay.
They seem able to use it for a while, so an urgent radio will land manually.
She was warning not to get on an airplane and a vehicle with a net from several days ago.
No one seems to have made it warning of young Mercedes to whom the identity isn’t known up to now seriously. That case has come at last. During this one week, I was reporting the state of Tokyo to Misaki of a staff in detail by a top secret. Misaki uses the special cellular phone which can be called only by them. An ordinary cellular phone couldn’t be called any more simultaneously throughout the country from early morning.
The internet in the whole world, a television and a radio are also blocked by every radio wave off from this day. Stock market situation in New York, Tokyo and London is suspended simultaneously. All going satellites were not ready. The earth judged from a space shuttle was reflected on only a blue sea and a dark continent any more. It’ll be unnecessary useless thing at the whole world by the strong computer virus sent from them in overseas military facilities. Any equipment besides the medical agency couldn’t be used any more.
The net virus USA also fears “blue monkey”.

The software which destroys every kind of military system through a net has been just completed. Launch of a nuclear missile and interception weren’t done any more without help in a nuclear power already. The work which makes that blow up also has a virus.
The reporter who can depend was only a newspaper and printed matter. Japan such as Mercedes and the allied country including Islam grasp the initiative of the world, and it has begun to move to establishment of fair review of a Far Eastern military tribunal eighty years before and the new world peace democratic government union which replaces UN. And time was divided with a new international fair trial, and you judged justice of the persons concerned and Truman former president and their indiscriminate bombing crime of the atomic bombing person in charge.


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