Japanese ISIS measure suggestion by moyurupen.

wpid-DSC_0192.JPGIt changes with the hostage relation of the Islamic nation every day and is the place where I’d like to be careful of behavior.

Correspondence of Japanese Government is too bad. I say that Islamic nation is aiming at expansion in a territory beyond the Ottoman Empire. Violence can never be permitted, but that’s the one like a human art, and we aren’t run away from from there. So there is various telling (religion) and, which is right and, it’s wrong and, for, you can’t say. The person who would like to join Islamic nation seems to be increasing one after another. I hear that there is also a lot of sacrifice of the family of Islamic nation by an aerial bombardment of volunteer union. That there is an able strategist, too. Before paltering with them, I make the leaving location of Japan certain first. That it’s becoming publicity under the surface of the water on it, it should be sent openly and squarely.

< suggestion> (It’s a fair viewpoint to the end.)
One makes the message Mr. Goto officially, Mr.* Abe.
* I have Mr. Nakada and others with a pipe with a ISIS executive do the agency job.
* Humane funds to Islamic nation can also come in sight for Mr. Goto by super-law.
* Abe talk is followed in something in the past and the force isn’t used in addition to the individual right of self.
Mr. Abe’s behavior is checked on the ISIS side in detail, so it’s used for Japanese rightish prevention.
* Jordan and Japan leave volunteer union and stay neutral.
* Compensation to the combatant’s family who died of an aerial bombardment to ISIS. (Under surface of the water)
* Mutual coexistence with Islam is proposed hard.
* The bottom of Japan peaceful constitution and the place where I should insist are done neatly seriously.
* Because I went to a dangerous area by self-responsibility, responsibility can’t be shouldered as a country.
It’s treated by a point of view as humane support thoroughly.
* I declare to suggest an apology to military intervention to Iraq in USA after 911.
(I promise to make them admit an American fault.)
* Still as the means to help a brother when Japanese release is impossible.
I declare that there is considerable resolution as Japan.
* I grope after Mr. Abe’s early resignation.


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