The day when Islamic nation is frightened by Japan.

The day when Islamic nation is frightened by Japan.

I declare war on USA independently.
Even if you drop an atomic bomb.
One hundred million general honorable death.
A divine wind special attack corps.
Human bomb.
If ready.
I say that I change into the most bellicose race in the world.
They can’t run through whether the ISIS side had historical understanding.
Mr. Kissinger seems to see through Japanese race’s kind so.
So Islamic nation doesn’t also come to our DNA.
It can’t be excluded that there is a world.
Mr. Goto and Yukawa (whether these ones are special circumstances,*.. ) family.
I’m also certain that I had executed one for appropriate resolution on the ISIS side.
An aerial bombardment is nothing special.
The race which is Japan for a long time in the revenge (retaliation) system?
There are historical circumstances with which I have become familiar.
The side which is being chased to the end of the world can’t also be overlooked.
The comment by which Mrs. Devi is self-determination et cetera for Mr. Goto.
I have that, but I think that’s that, not a mistake.
Even if a principle and a thought are different even if it’s called self-responsibility personally.
The obligation to protect a brother is the reason which forms for a state.
It’s felt that that is also a capacity called Japan.
That I often think, Mr. Abe, than the right, that means, but
It may not be an extreme so.
A strategy from an overall point of view is weak and.
The positional recognition that Japan was put.
It’s necessary to last once more.
I should think how it’s being taken over in the next generation seriously.
Japan where the good world is led.
It’s My feeling.


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