The principle I draw.

A drawn work wants me to meet only talk in the fantastic entertainment half, I thought by characters’ going alone, but it was an ending of a condition. (youtube search) the mankind will keep repeating a slaughter and destruction in the condition to which the instinct goes since history, the kind to which what says what causes a fact loyally by the justice, unless he looks again and puts on the wisdom of which I partake, the mankind wouldn’t be able to escape from childhood. So a reset in this earth Bunmei when we’re living now may also be a necessary one.

Stormy easy outline from the future.
The present charge political power is taken by the next junta over by loss of capacity for being a party and is the reason to which I go, but the IS side controls Middle Eastern countries, and USA destroys UN actually by isolation and default. EU becomes extinct and China will be a democratized government, and grope after cooperation with Japan. The American occupation which continued for 80 years disappears, and Japan makes a junta be at the crossroads, and a leader disappears in Japan. The Sousei Daiwa group which was protecting a total war research center in whether it’s hi and was planning a bloodless coup before the war begins to move for Japanese true independence. The propaganda through an advertising agency is effective, and the four northern islands will be condominium with Japan. Japan Self-Defense Forces which ran do the whole army participation of the same concern as well as Sousei Daiwa group up to that, and emerging Japanese Government establishes for world peace.


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