Scratch of the war without winners.

Victory each country of the Second World War seems to do a commemoration event in the 70th this year. China doesn’t join UN for several years after the war, it was a quarrel with Japan and the Kuomintang army, so 70 year anti-Japanese victory commemoration is a mistake. A German Merkel German prime minister visits Japan, Japan and Germany are a partner by a so-called prewar comrade of axis powers. Even if I don’t speak each other, I have the tacit understanding atmosphere reciprocally, but a purification ceremony as a vanquished nation should be finished. But, since getting the people who shoulder the future that the future eternity is asked about, responsibility of pioneers’ loss in the past would be also a hard thing. It’s my pet theory to say anyway that a peaceful salesman and an arbitrating salesman should be indispensable to bury that.


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