Arabian spring and Arabian tragedy.

Mrs. Michele is at this time, and is it in Japan?

At this time when world situation is severe.
You seem to have visited Japan by an event by the female educational relation.
It’s difficult to think that you could come only by the thing.
If even more other ones are a whereabouts.

The terrorism in Tunisia of yesterday was serious, wasn’t it?
I’ll pray to the person who passed away for rest in peace.
The territory where rule territory in IS is African half and Ottoman Empire.
It’s an added area and.
Using the defense budget as Japanese national budget.
What is a policeman of the world doing?
Is it impossible to wish for the peaceful world?
One game concentration of wealth, the differential and poor actuality.
Producing zangyaku which is the de spa rate of IS or.
Grouper, also, anxiety of creation and the political situation in a trouble place is produced at its back.
The one which is being unfolded for maintenance of a complex made in an army or.
Because hate isn’t just born only by the difference on the religions.
Intervention to the former Middle East has been held endlessly.
Whether it’s revenge to the west side various countries.

Only the future history knows that.


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