welcome to Fregrance Love (it’s first in the world! 3 minute typesetting vertically novel full version).

When a Japanese novel is expressed by an animation of youtube, everyone is going to have trouble.
Moreover like English, not the horizontal typesetting, but typesetting vertically. Reading aloud will be generally most, but then it’s just heard, and it isn’t possible to read sentences directly. So it’s devised and the slide expression is made picture-card show-like with the classical music in the background visually. If it’s to about 150 manuscript papers, a manuscript stops at an eye pleasantly at the reach of 3 minutes, and person’s read stress also disappears. This novel “Fregrance Love” is 300, so it’ll be 6 minutes. It’s a screen of 3 second, but a halt is repeated and read and I’m advancing to read carefully. You can do that and read through comfortably until the end. Such thing is being made the premise.


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