More story Meiji restoration.

Yoshida Shoin was a tactics scholar, but therefore the room where I even go to others’ insistence and permission of an idea was not. I’m sorry to Yamaguchi-ken, but the ideas that he says “He thinks that everyone is blockish and the turn seems by a hard worker of the group of the curiosity with a lot of vagaries, and only something based on its idea can think Japan is rescued.” are the impressions which have run past for me, aren’t it? Make it exclusion of foreigners, make it founding, the point of view certain that which was the therapeutic point where the Western Great Powers country thinks can’t exclude a rebellion of Meiji restoration. It’s in entrapping jou TTA makes buy a great deal of weapons by a rebellion of Meiji restoration because the Civil War has ended early. There is also a possibility that Ryoma was used well. United Kingdom (Satsuma chief state) and France (the Shogunate side) were having an excessive profit in their hand through both by a reason by which Harris had his eye on a good place, too. You assume that Japanese gold and silver was tricked completely by Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan, and a kitchen of a new government is financial difficulties and is in the remote cause which had no choice but to run to the wealth and military strength of a country and overseas territory expansion. It would be better to look through the strategy which tries to change the shape to a Japan and U.S. unequal treaty even now and prey on Japanese property by a convenient treaty in a multinational company as TPP. The condition of exclusion of foreigners and the commercial treaty weren’t also conclusive, and it was possible to stop release of gold and silver and maybe the Shogunate army 1,000,000 person arming was also possible. That much blood isn’t let run even if I’m impatient and don’t do a Westernization movement, it may be good one.


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