Mr. Abe History eyes.

Of Mr. Abe, when coming near, it’s about big tree-like idea and historical recognition.
150 years before, since the Black Ship, a harbor, with an encounter with American democracy?
A speech by an American assembly?
It can also be said the performance to please a partner surely.
In the inside of mysterious grandfather Mr. Kishi Nobusuke’s A order war criminal cancellation
I’m certain that there was some expectation after the end of the war.
That Mr. Abe bes the image running after the ghost?
Can it be said that it’s wrong?
Postwar handling in Germany and Japan can’t also exclude a racial side.
In responsibility’s even coming to the man of today to whom a great war in those days is unrelated
Resistance is felt slightly.
Something to which you should say to want to say on it, succeeding to Murayama talk.
For Mr. Abe who holds the expectation which would like to win a private existence sense
Is it said that the influence which persuades countries in the whole world from the beginning doesn’t exist?
You’ll think they’re severe, the memory the one as a wall frustrates by bang.
I think the posture on which I work is important.


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