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◆ “The great Tokyo air raid”


◆ “For Japan Self-Defense Forces, in international rescue party”


◆ “Peaceful diplomacy”


◆ “Mami from a lie”


◆ “Mechanism of American employment statistics”


◆ “The exchange profit”

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◆ “The great Tokyo air raid”

It’s said that the great Tokyo air raid is the day which was here on March 10, 1945.
Many noncombatant’s (citizen) victims following Hiroshima and Nagasaki were taken out.
It was an inhuman air raid. A relative of my grandparents is in sacrifice, too.
They didn’t also slacken their grip to the offensive to the private citizen of a low-altitude flight and the facilities.
The offensive to the local city as much as other 90 is also a reflection.
From Islam code, it’ll be double return.
In the situation that I have to be contented with the nuclear umbrella, I shrink.
About 10000 Japanese airplanes as of March should still match.
You do something, and is it the one with which it couldn’t make peace early?
Emperor Showa of commander in chief, to see a tragedy, the Imperial Palace, I say that you came.
It can’t be understood why you didn’t pass Emperor’s judgment.
The reason that a plutocracy, military clique and the Imperial Palace weren’t a mark?
You should also be able to stop the noncombatant’s sacrifice by which Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Okinawa are after that.
The military personnel made spirits of dead soldiers after the war and, the, for the public person’s family of the deceased who belonged
Security at 50,000,000,000,000 yen is done.
In the absurdity by which one sen won’t be also paid to the private citizen family of the deceased
How did it suit Emperor Showa?
It may be equivalent to something constitutional violation-like.
Mr. Abe has no actual experiences as a war.
A picture of the tragedy is looked in the face, as an antithesis to USA.
I want you to catch.

◆ “For Japan Self-Defense Forces, in international rescue party”

By a movie of “time glass”
It was setting as a global defense army.
The defense organization global scale-like for the SOSOROSO mankind.
Isn’t it necessary?
The organization which leads the world doesn’t still exist in the mankind.
By the organization of the victorious country at the time of Second World War.
It’s being repaired by a shape called UN.
The world order now gets rough to get rough.
Fate of 200 worlds rests on shoulders of UN but.
It’s clear that that is being stultified.
Japanese business corrects that.
Partiality of wealth of American overconcentration is corrected.
It’s in the thing terrorism makes stop being chained from the world.


◆ “Peaceful diplomacy”
A victorious country of the Second World War seems to do a commemoration event in the 70th this year.
China doesn’t join UN for several years after the war.
I don’t face anti-Japanese victory commemoration for 70 years.
Merkel German prime minister visits Japan.
Japan and Germany are a partner comrade in axis powers in so-called those days.
I have the tacit understanding atmosphere, the thing by which an old thing is the past.
But, responsibility of pioneers’ loss in the past, that the future eternity is asked about?
It would be also a hard thing for the people who shoulder the future.
Anyway the one in which that’s buried is peaceful, a salesman.
Arbitrating diplomacy should be indispensable.
It’s my pet theory to say so.


◆ “Mami from a lie”
There is a proverb called Makoto from a lie.
Only something detailed understands neither evidence nor authorship and exists.
In a picture and matiere of an expression
Many fabrication and aim are sometimes hidden.
But there should be a certain motive and a place which makes sense there.
I’d also have the one by which something to see is judged for the point of view as everything.
Whether that’s a true thing or whether it isn’t so?
A third person doesn’t understand.
The animation Islamic nation discharges one-sidedly?
No one knows whether you can be Mami all.
All fabrication is also possible for an animation of execution and.
It can’t be sometimes so.
Can a person kill a person frankly so easily?
The suspicion which says so is also left.
There is relation with American CIA, and Mr. BAGUDADI says that he’s Jew.
The plan to which I say that a new Judea state is constructed at the Iraqi place?
I’m also interested in rumor whether it’s true.
With the Middle East conquest principle of USA and Israel.
Reinforcement’s of a complex made in an army meaning what or?
Won’t the inspection which says so be also necessary from now on?

◆ “Mechanism of American employment statistics”
* 100,000,000 food stamp stipendiaries
* 100,000,000 people of starting work will loss
* Is the unemployment rate 5.5 %?
* High price change in NY Dow
* A loan bankruptcy rapid increase.
* Second advent of a subprime loan (this time, a car before, housing)
* Conspicuous student loan failure
* Expensive medical treatment by OBAMAKEA…

Even if the situation above-mentioned is judged from inference and conjecture.
No one can’t help having many suspicions.


◆ “The exchange profit”
Exchange profit 350 for one yen-benefit of 40,000,000,000 yen and 1,400,000,000,000 yen for twenty yen-2,000,000,000,000 yen.
The profit of Toyota is renewing a historic high and.
Now which is 120 yen time from 80 yen time because there is more return of a consumption tax.
It’s a truism that the profit gathers automatically.
2,000,000,000,000 yen of main occupation is also explained by only return of exchange and a consumption tax by the deficit.
The one wage negotiation is advancing all by a major company related to export?
It can be understood. Small-to-medium-sized reisai isn’t pay raise DOKORO in Japan of 99%.
It’s opaque what is happening to economy ahead of this.


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