Greek strategy


Germany rearranges economy by export to Europe each country.

The profits in Greece should also be huge.
Because a matter has+ vs.-, balance, if, by a kept reason.
A soldier vs. a loser.
A lender vs. a borrower.
The benefit vs. a profit and loss.
A winner vs. a loser.
Because NADO and sougo are related.
The world stands up.
Greece and Italy?
The mainstream-like location of the Western civilization is being built from antiquity.
I shouldn’t tell only by politics and the financial page of the air in the today.
There is pride of boy friends in a historical DNA.
It’s natural usually to return borrowed one.
That’s the reason the necessity by which a lender attends to his business with resolution is also.
The tolerance made cancellation leads to a repayment in the future.
While a secular eye is black, the feeling that I’d like to end is understood.
Anything which can’t be returned realistically can’t be returned.
Greece is a long eye and it’s also necessary to take out UMI and entrust to future people.
EU and a German theater attendant are taken up.
I want you to show me deep tolerance.
The future history will be to prove that.


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