Of the renunciation of war, it’s promised, Nuremberg and Far Eastern military tribunal.

In Germany, about the Nazis war criminal individual

It’s hung on the future eternal trial.
A state wasn’t asked itself about.
It itself asks about a state in Japan.
The emperor who was a highest officer had no blame.
Emperor Showa?
As Hitler, Mussolini and the Hiro man who are three big top of the axis side.
It’s so famous that it was even introduced to TIME magazine in allied powers.
I was also commander in chief in the Japanese Empire.
A city all Japan is destroyed.
Even if a terrible sight in Tokyo which became a burned field is judged from the great Tokyo air raid.
A national victim doesn’t also lend his ears to staff’s warning, and amplifies.
I say the battle in Okinawa, a mainland battle and atomic bombing even if I have no chance to win.
The highest officer’s crime which was brought into the war you don’t need to do is heavy.
A major newspaper, Imperial Headquarters and bureaucracy and a plutocracy are a reflection.
Neither an emperor nor a major newspaper have lasted now for an apology of fighting spirit uplift.
When there is a winner, a loser exists certainly.
That it’s helped that a winner judges a loser.
I don’t stand up without slaughters with a war.
The killed side makes them collect hate on the killed side.
Mutual enters such maze and stays at the insane world.
I lose oneself and am irrational.
Human fate is in the repeat since history.
It can’t evolve yet.
Mr. Kishi Nobusuke of Mr. Abe’s grandfather grasps the real power of Manchukuo then.
The DNA is being taken over.
Wartime emergency measures, June, 1945 and war responsibility to Emperor Showa, a light comb.
The bill I also tried to charge an assembly with which.
Landsturm rei is formed in 1938.
This security related bills would be something near that.
That it’s dangerous when I make charge political power achieve a great victory too much?
It’ll be that it was biting for the person who doesn’t usually go to election.
It’s such thing to renounce election.
The guarantee by which your son doesn’t go to departure of students for the front and a special attack corps?
It’s nowhere.
Because I’m not such generation.
By leaving sending to a work, proposal and remonstrance.
An effort is just made so that it may be chosen right better than a Japanese one.
A lady is without the right to vote in the prewar days.
When I think it was only male more than 25 years old.
I’d know the however good time whether now is because it’s popular sovereignty.
Mr. Abe’s staff?
“When closing through a bill, the people forget it right now.”
The person of an idea who says so says that it’s a lot.
A loser can’t also run away from a game from ablutions as a loser in the war.
I win without fighting, because it’s so.
I think the oath of the renunciation of war will be important.


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