The insensitivity which insults the new National Stadium tournament winner who isn’t permitted (United Kingdom).

It’s a main stadium of Tokyo Olympics for 2020 years.
2 major general contractors cut in on construction in new National Stadium by optional agreement.
The rumor as (about 100,000,000,000 yen) that a building cost jumped up doesn’t seem also false necessarily.
It seems to be 170,000,000,000 yen by the first estimate, a kir arch appropriate for?
I say that it’s also generalized construction code worldwide.
Saitama Stadium 2002 is also a kir arch.
The anxiety don’t you concern deeply can’t also exclude rights.
A temporary prime minister, a building cost piles up too much, so the consultation which is design reconsideration for a former prime minister.
I say that I don’t like a former prime minister personally, either.
Because of the problem of the level to which I say that it’s little that I have a lot of such building costs, to IOC.
May I change it and set a precedent as an international pledge violation selfishly?
The insensitivity which insults a new National Stadium tournament winner.
Though circular giving at thousands of billions of yen and yen credit are being advanced to foreign countries by ODA.
I say stingy RU to a festival of the world (Mr. Abe said a Japanese festival.)
A humiliation to the world has been revealed.
To start a construction project in a main stadium with a clean slate.
I also start with a clean slate an Olympic invitation tournament.
It’ll be the one as common sense also to call an invitation battle retry.
I should think of a rival city so.
Before I say designer (architecture design) villain theory and adoption charge villain theory.
Who being a highest officer’s by 2020 Tokyo Olympic invitation or.
Isn’t it common sense of the world to care?
You think the persuasion to IOC and a tournament adoption winner isn’t easy, right?
The resolution which will have the third time of no Summer Olympics Japanese holding in the future will be necessary.

A plan in new National Stadium went back to the beginning on July 17. It was a topping of political strife for charge political power and indeed was a dangerous bet. Prime Minister Morimoto who retired from a councilor was working hard every day by reward-lessness (There was an insignificant daily allowance.) by the Olympic relation, and a notification on a plan blank sheet of paper from Mr. Abe was the state which isn’t convincing, wasn’t it? The state rugby World Cup will be reported like the bad guy, and of which I think regrettably. I think reconsideration from a blank sheet of paper doesn’t make. When a kir arch isn’t ordered within this month, it’s said that they aren’t in time. I don’t also know to where you also have a consideration of a new National Stadium tournament winner and Chairperson Bach. He said a blank sheet of paper selfishly, but why did Mr. Abe leave them alone up to now? Inose governor pronounces Tokyo Itsuwa to be preparing enough cash in Tokyo-to, and it should be all right with the side of the construction cost. It would be responsible to Mr. Ishihara of course, too. Price soaring by fall in the yen lead by Mr. Abe’s Ave flea camphor tree of a highest officer can’t also be ignored. Because when 80 yen for one dollar of stand will be 124 yen, what happens or a prediction should be done.


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