The global civilization of the safe mode impossibility.

Andromeda galaxy nebula is the terrible speed.

I say that I’m aiming at the Milky Way galaxy nebula.
It’s said that it probably collides 4,000,000,000 years later.
Our solar system is in the outskirts in the Milky Way.
From extraterrestrial civilization, you’d be able to say a so-called frontier place.
I say that there are billions of planets like the earth in the Milky Way galaxy.
Only the global human race has the only civilization in the universe.
The point of view which says so seems ordinary.
Whether they seem to kill, I try to inspect.
It isn’t also a reason with a certain way.
It’s said that 99% isn’t used for a human brain yet.
We with history who say the great navigation era 500 years before?
A thing is seen only by the childish point of view such as new continent discovery.
The mankind who doesn’t evolve at all since history.
The earth Bunmei when a similar slaughter and furious history are being repeated.
Such software is needed to do own check by a PC.
I don’t have a plan of the safe mode which starts in F8 yet for the mankind.
Processed goods matter of the uranium which has been also invented by a reluctance?
We assume that human extinction is also possible thousands of times.
We by whom sei has been turned to such world.
The money economy made artificially makes the differential society with the heroic mankind.
The civilization of the mankind who changed into a topping of political strife for life maintenance.
Of three big religion, it’s told, but, but, I have that, I don’t concern.
It’s located in the wasteland where the mankind is still undeveloped that a repeat of a slaughter doesn’t cease.
Perhaps from extraterrestrial civilization, as the earth for one human experiment.
The point of view may be some ones.
It’s pathless but I look at the earth by safe mode to prove that.
The mankind can’t use the plan yet.
Existence of a UFO is caught, but why can’t the mankind encounter?
Because they and others are probably an administrator of safe mode?


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