The difference between Mr. Abe’s 70 year talk and the emperor’s word.

There was no meaning that Mr. Abe takes out a talk as Murayama former prime minister said.

I think it wasn’t necessary to take it out.
While shading a phrase, everywhere, a word is inserted.
With this with which an apology as a wrongdoer and an apology cry.
The phrase which doesn’t apologize also entered in the generation of the future.
The present emperor does an unprecedented apology as “deep reflection”.
The media which are USA in Mr. Abe’s not apologizing?
Statement of an emperor and Mr. Abe is being handled contrastively.
A Japanese neighboring country, well, I don’t know.
In USA which has formed an official union.
It’s convincing in criticism to Mr. Abe.
Hitler passes away and destroys the National Athletic Meet in Germany.
The German people supported new nation building from the world.
A highest officer keeps sitting down just as it is in Japan.
The National Athletic Meet was maintained and the people walked the suffering way.
Emperor Showa installs prewar security of Imperial Household by the Constitution of Japan.
Responsibility wasn’t taken.
The mind to the country is MacArthur’s document of confidant Whitney.
It becomes clear, Mr. Abe’s grandfather?
I was the central figure by the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and was the A order war criminal.
The reason which became exemption doesn’t understand the gallows yet.
To the limit, the country and neighboring country USA where Mr. Abe has the DNA.
An apology wouldn’t make the future eternity reflection as a wrongdoer.


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