Wandering 2020 Tokyo Olympic SOS! The A order war criminal listing.

I’d like to meet 2020 Tokyo Olympics comfortably early.

I’d like to consider why it was so.

A last opening ceremony ceremony in London could improve meet history most.
When that’s exceeded in Japan, it’ll be impossible absolutely by the power only of the Japanese.
All over the country succeeded in invitation, and that was covered by Mai of delight up, the brief moment.
Why was it a situation as holding SOS?
The reason as which Istanbul was being recommended originally.
Even if it’s natural to support now that it was decided.
No one would expect that it can get complicated by a chessman here.
It’s that there are 2 more Olympic holding acceptances to be rescued only.
Tokyo, there are also Istanbul and Madrid by No.
Rich IOC, even if a problem is spouting one after another.
The reason that Tokyo is protected isn’t understood.
If it’s judged by the dimension of the idea that Coubertin returns naively.
A stadium of a first ZAHA plan is supported and.
I’ll can use an invitation emblem and.
Total Olympic rights is excluded and.
The reason which can issue an execution directive easily.

< the A order war criminal list which made 2020 Tokyo Olympics SOS>※ omission of titles from names

● Shintaro Ishihara: I ran away on the way. There was vigor which can go to a tournament and because there was room where I participate until government, the one which was forced on Mr. Inose who isn’t the capacity of the Governor of Tokyo was a mistake.
● Shinzo Abe: The judgement recommendation in a stadium of false under control remark and ZAHA plan also withdrew was a mistake. The wife who has the relation with rights because it’s a forest faction, is former Mann of Dentsu.
● Dentsu: An Olympic event is the one like a garden originally, and I’m having much rights in my hand too much and, the main culprit-like existence which made 2020 Tokyo SOS derive. The advertising industry which has abused the advantage that a radio wave of mass communication is being ruled and has dug its own grave.
● Mr. conference committee Mori of a committee: should resign. Without changing a first plan, there were also no plans carried through. I also participate in rights deeply. Because Endo Olympic charge is follower-like existence, condition plastic doll (puppet).
● Mr. Sano: This person was being a graphic designer and wasn’t turning to the emblem design. There is specialty and the logo designer is also profound. It’s the well-founded one of some level to stick to a copyright of a logo in a Belgian theater. Mr. Sano has director’s no right. I’ll have no choice but to walk the original way as PAKURIDEZAINA from now on.
● Since the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology trusts JSC: bureaucrat, anything isn’t run away from from the crime with which the precedent which becomes useless has been made.
● The mass media: The industry into which free information is discharged.
● IOC: control has been its rich make-up which doesn’t come.
● Mr. Tanaka: Exclusive emblem screening committee chairperson. The person who disgraced the name of Tama Art University.

● And so on


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