Declination in the British Empire.

A British eclipse in the subsidiary of the Hwang Ho civilization.
How is the world seeing?
Mr. Abe, the financial world rather than diplomacy, it’s taken, and.
It seems to be a lantern procession.
Agricultural produce is an image called Maine in TPP.
I’m going to make them settle.
By the maintenance securement, the medical treatment, the finance, the insurance and the intellectual property right by which inner citadels are a ISDS article and employment.
In the world, already, a multinational company is the one of the American etc..
The suit which cared for a government has occurred.
I’ll think how to do the measure from now on in Japan, but.
It seems to be the situation that I have no accomplished means after all.
That would be the Japanese biggest crisis.
So I have to use a constitution 53rd article.
The mailbox which has to be in the same position as Mr. shuu has Mr. Abe, too.
It moves around like an infantryman minutely or why do you suffer from understanding?
Declination in the British Empire where seven seas were controlled formerly?
With death in the great navigation era which continued for 500 years.
Would I be able to say a turning point to formation of a new world order?


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