An affair 100 years before seen from A.D. 2115.

An affair 100 years before seen from A.D. 2115.
A picture of an impact from 100 years before is let run by a program of NHK Japan.
You make realize how a strategy to Islam society in the Europe Great Powers which involve born cause of IS was by reason no-dedication.
With resignation a chain of hate from the 100 years before still follows.
I advance the way to the peace which became impossible.
Uneasiness in today Bunmei can’t help be received obediently.
Mr. Abe is tossed and loses sight of oneself at the time.
A wise judgement isn’t done any more.
By a secret agreement in United Kingdom in the World War I and France.
The Ottoman Empire cut strategy bore rise of today’s IS Isramic militant.
You’d be able to say the cause which is most and.
Jewish settle to Palestine starts from this time.
It’s also a foundation to Israeli foundation.
USA was added and was the aspect of the solved impossibility by today there.
The future human hardship suitable for social realization of symbiosis coexistence is expected.
It’ll be the future eternal impossibility by a retaliative chain.
As far as there are no charisma-like worldwide leader’s agency and peace construction.
It can be said that there are no countermeasures.
The individual right of self which is also justifiable defense-like in the area where Japan is a peaceful constitution?
Because it’s admitted.
I think it’s better to give up the right which has no need as right of collective self-defense and.
When not sticking to neutrality, you can’t mediate.
A subordinate policy with the US will be impossible absolutely by Mr. Abe’s basic container.
It’s oriented to the same retaliation as 100 years, so Mr. OBAMA, Cameron and Mr. Orlando are impossible.
Because Russia and Osman are an old enemy in the World War I.
The reconciliation with Mr. Putin and Turkey is difficult.
A picture in the time of the 21st century when a reason isn’t decided to the peace?
How reflected is it in human eyes 100 years later?


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