War of a kingdom of Trump and Clinton empire.

When investigation was resumed, FBI announced a mail problem of Hillary Clinton camp on November 28 at USA. Mr. Trump reverse Mr. Hillary by poll, and a president of Trump has been entrusted with the reality. American membership will be a Republican, and I’d cast one vote for Mr. Trump. Because the vision of the policy is steady, and an intermediate layer is because you can do hard living by an avalanche phenomenon and be here, and there is no work for young people, and dissatisfaction to OBAMA political power is pent up by all-America. A OBAMA president is putting a label as the worst president after the war. The crime which spent lost eight years wastefully at the White House is big while saying a change. A salesman didn’t do the weak relief inwardly, either. Mr. Hillary Clinton of succession makes Wall Street postured and is going to emphasize a policy for the wealthy classes of 1%. An advisor of a private mail, IS and a French company with connection of the surrounding mysterious death event and the Secretary of State an age is experiencing, too, and Clinton foundation suspicion is also talked about. There is a possibility which becomes November surprise for FBI’s resuming investigation. Really, is there Hillary arrest before a presidential election?


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