The future of 1% or 99%.

For a person and the organization to accomplish a matter.

The proposal of established existence and reformation to the way is indispensable.

Anti-reform forces on the side where an established stronghold is often defended desperately can’t be despised.

So it conforms to a law or is a way besides that, and whether it’s executed.

It’s pressed a choice between two things for.

So human history will repeat creation and destruction.

FBI avoided a supplementary action by Hillary Clinton’s mail re-investigation.

Even though it was avoided, it wasn’t decided that Hillary Clinton camp was innocent.

A mail, with the fact that I planned for destruction of evidence selfishly.

Half of page is Ciro coating (I say vulgarly, black-painted) by opening to the public of investigation.

Excessive contribution suspicion is disclosed to the wife of feds who takes charge of investigating.

Suspicion to Mr. Hillary Clinton who avoided a supplementary action doesn’t clear up, but.

It’s the result which bears expansion of suspicion.

The strategy to which Mr. bunny Saunders is entrapped in the designation election is disclosed.

Even if the person in charge who resigned is seen, it’s possible to peep at Mr. Hillary Clinton’s strategy.

Donald Trump supporter exists fairly in the Hillary Clinton camp.

A cry is raised and the people who can’t say are called the silent majority.

There is also a lot of criticism to a partner in Mr. Donald Trump’s speech, but there is also a lot of policy relation.

A mail problem is an insignificant one.

For Mr. Donald Trump who makes the lost American conscience and activating a catchphrase.

It’s a truism to listen.

If Hillary Clinton Democratic Party of Japan government is established, there is a future for 1%.

When Donald Trump Republican Party government is established, there is a future for 99%.


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