Impressions of the performance diplomacy without history recognition, reflection and an apology.

How about a result for the person who prepared a war first basically, oh.
I don’t get away predominantly in a prepared way and.
The responsibility also continues the future eternity mentally.
The state of the purification ceremony in the wrongdoer side and the victim side will be also important historically.
When a wrongdoer discounted, there is no life for a highest officer and.
An appropriate penalty is imposed.
Commander in chief of Imperial Headquarters is Emperor Showa who was on the navy side.
Mr. grandfather Kishi Nobusuke of Mr. Abe grasped Manchu power.
Even if a word of reconciliation and the mutual profit is used with alliance.
That a postwar halt was called is difficult to say and.
After the viewpoint of the Asian countries as well as a war in the Pacific Ocean are also known.
When I don’t speak, a problem spreads. There is also some truth in Chinese say and.
There is also fact that poison gas as much as tens of thousands of shots is still sleeping Chinese underground.
The compensation to China the old Japanese military prepared is also left.
I tried to prevent a colonist policy in the Anglo-saxon Europe Great Powers.
In the back of the good reason of five group republic
Because there was also a strategy as an Asian advance of Imperial Headquarters.
I think there isn’t supposed to be no Japanese history recognition and apology.
I think Mr. Abe’s Pearl Harbor visit should be done first than Hiroshima visit of Mr. OBAMA.
That will be the one as a quarter. “If I lose, I try again.”.
The one by which that’s the instinct of the man, so we decide, and, after that, I don’t escape, I don’t have that.
The cause of the confusion in Afghanistan and Iraq is made.
USA which produced many victims and the British responsibility are also big.
It’s certain that cause of IS birth is there.
Hiroshima’s holocaust and a case that cause of indiscriminate blanket bombing fitted Pearl Harbor?
Historical fact proves that.
Does Mr. Abe have such recognition?
If this Mr. Abe’s Pearl Harbor visit isn’t a kind of performance.
It’ll be a helped thing to be seen.

It’s a by-talk.
I’ll be certain that the approval rate of Abe ministry will do a nose-dive next year.
So surprise as dismissal may be done over now.


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