“The future of the mankind who didn’t look at kind of matters any more”

Rise of an American first principle and an own country first principle at Europe?
When seeing the longitude and latitude of the history, it can be predicted easily.
A refugee presses against Europe from Middle East all part.
Each country, a victim, after a wall of its limit is felt beyond latitude.
It becomes exclusive. Why doing many refugees’ surge and come or.
The kind which says so is removed, and, a free own country, first, and, only the face I say has wings.
Is the fact finished with that….?

But that can’t be finished.

I see historically and bring about civilized fate certainly.
Even if fate of a Chinese thousands of vintage dynasty is seen, understand.
It’ll be fate of the history that the present Communist Party of China dynasty also ends.
The colony principle in the Europe Great Powers that the Middle East was offended during these one thousand years.
After I make it ignored to become the cause which bears the refugee now.
Only in the current state in which an own country first principle and a folk principle-like thought can wield the power
Why aren’t eyes attracted?
Human evolution seems so that it may stop now.
From the civilization of the planet quite similar to 40 light-years of earth
How are we seen by an earthling?
Have you thought?
We who live in the earth now?
As far as myself have the first principle and an own country first principle.
The future eternity wouldn’t stop for a repeat of a slaughter and destruction.
Mutual coexistence and a mutual help relation
Only to become the start which looks at the human future seems certain.


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