The watched global civilization and mankind.

The watched global civilization and mankind.

A human track since history is a repeat of a slaughter, destruction and a territory quarrel.
That recognizes an affair of history as a proper thing.
When you say whether the civilization current as of now evolves really.
It’s difficult to be Jesus.
The thing which isn’t explained and a thing often exist in the earth and.
It’s also impossible to prove it, and it isn’t possible to go out of the area of a hypothesis.
A blood type, for four kinds, a Caucasian, a black people and classification yellow of mixed race background.
A mysterious structure and a history (the Holy Bible and koran Buddhist scriptures).
An origin of a seed was a hypothesis to the end, and an opinion to the human race wasn’t proved from a monkey.
It can’t be proved, so there is no intention a human ancestor calls an intellectual life form outside the ball abruptly.
It can’t also be said that I don’t meet because it isn’t possible. In other words, because it isn’t understood, it’s the region of the imagination.
There are no ways but it’s caught.
To scold irresponsibility of the mankind who tries to approach a god for Old Testament.
The Tower of Babel a trial made all part disperse the race according to many languages, and where was given?
It can also be said the example which makes a possibility that the mankind is watched and tried in whether they’re no things ask.
Tension of the world current as of now seems to come to the limit.
Confusion of the one when does peak oil reel or the money society a financial engineering person made selfishly.
Repeat of a boundless territory quarrel, the desire which can’t be slaughtered and stopped and selfish act.
There is executive ability more than Mr. meaning OBAMA who has Mr. cards.
It’s a weakness that a matter can be advanced only by shortsighted idea and a non-tolerant viewpoint.
It’s installed and is 100 days soon, but many dilemmas would disturb him after that.
Sharing of human objective view and awareness of danger, a horn.
It’s the position of the country in the viewpoint where the world is guided, I say that I also retire from that personally.
Without resetting Wall Street, it was scattered about the world by Riemann shock.
Bad assets are 7,000,000,000,000,000 yen. Mr. U.S.A.president try to increase that again.
The total in the property the wealthy man who doesn’t have has filled with the world for ten people, too.
The differential which equals property and unfairness like human half.

How is the watched side being seen?


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