The U.S.-North Korea peace and friendship treaty conclusion X day I advance under the surface of the water.


Mr. donald and Mr. Putin are under the surface of the water.
From North Korea, an American peace and friendship treaty and an armistice.
A movement in the end of the war is talked about.
The mass media are strengthening a firm stance to North Korea with a Japanese government.
While making it Japan-U.S. alliance reinforcement officially, under the surface of the water
It seems to be the situation that I say “Abe don’t interfere at all!”
In short Japan is outside the mosquito net. If trouble disappears in Korean Peninsula.
A Japanese military salesman would have to steer big in defensive defense.
Right of collective self-defense is annihilated. By UN, still.
There are no hands hit with Mr. Abe in Japan incorporated in a former enemy country article.
The Japanese footing where I wish self-protection by an American paper lantern carrier is also fragile.
To admit nuclearization internationally by a NPT treaty?
When I say only by the number of the atomic warhead by only 5 permanent directors.
USA, 9400 shots and Russia, 13000 shots and the United Kingdom, 185 shots.
240 shots of 300 shots and China also have France.
It’s also the number which is to the extent thousands of times also make the earth be ruined.
I think that’s that I’m quite afraid.
“For the world without stones” though Mr. OBAMA raises that by a pipe dream.
200,000,000,000,000 yen of new nuclear budget of development is also secured.
Where would you like to say is Nobel peace prize though it isn’t being carried out?
A sense of irresponsibility can’t be wiped on the side where a prize was given.
India where I don’t participate in NPT, 80 shots and Pakistan, 90 shots.
North Korea, more than 10 shots and Israel, 80 shots.
Iran, Syria and Myanmar are a possession suspicion country.
Nuclear sharing is a relation with NATO, Germany Italian Netherlands Belgium.
Even if how much does North Korea do a launch experiment of a missile and a nuclear test, each country, already.
It neither be marvellous nor be flustered.
When some countries use once, a brake disappears.
This world ends. That a stone is being possessed with the resolution?
The nuclear use is impossible 99 %. It’s Japan.
It’s an atomic warhead as much as thousands of shots by used plutonium quantity possessed.
I should recognize that the situation that it can be made has that.
So, a Japanese leader?
The ability the Constitution of Japan with good sense is being made important to which is needed.



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