Propaganda in a turning point of history, if, but, why?

Is it only I to think about incomprehensibility of the existence of IS?
An area in the Middle East depends on colonized policy in America and England and Europe and deprivation-ization of resources.
It has been a just sterile area.
The Ottoman Empire, until World War I, per 600 years.
Peace was enjoyed, but it depends on invasion in the Europe Great Powers.
Tyranny, obliged historical process.
That it has been a victim in the Middle East and the cause which bears terrorism would be apparent.
“Arabian Lawrence” is a historical large entertainment movie.
The British lieutenant who acted as a model?
It’ll be sacrifice of a British state ambition while tilting to Arabian independent support.
They have been betrayed while promising Arabian independence.
USA will be a propaganda large country from time of this 19 end of a century.
It’ll be the one which should be in a colonist policy.
The specific thought which is here and the strategy of public relations for a group I consider to grasp the center of the power.
That can be called a main subject of propaganda.
I think America and England involve the back of IS.
When 2020 Summer Olympics was decided in Istanbul, it was holding in the first Islam area.
When I think now if it’ll be so.
I’m certain that the Islamic countries cooperated with Turkey in a body.
There is also a point of view that it’s Japan that that was prevented.
Truth or falsehood of a matter is understood only by a person concerned.
Because it isn’t understood, it’s inevitable to judge by conjecture, inference and guess.
That’s worth in nine cases out of ten.
In history, if, but, why, I think the viewpoint is also important.


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