Propaganda in a turning point of history, if, but, why?

Is it only I to think about incomprehensibility of the existence of IS?
An area in the Middle East depends on colonized policy in America and England and Europe and deprivation-ization of resources.
It has been a just sterile area.
The Ottoman Empire, until World War I, per 600 years.
Peace was enjoyed, but it depends on invasion in the Europe Great Powers.
Tyranny, obliged historical process.
That it has been a victim in the Middle East and the cause which bears terrorism would be apparent.
“Arabian Lawrence” is a historical large entertainment movie.
The British lieutenant who acted as a model?
It’ll be sacrifice of a British state ambition while tilting to Arabian independent support.
They have been betrayed while promising Arabian independence.
USA will be a propaganda large country from time of this 19 end of a century.
It’ll be the one which should be in a colonist policy.
The specific thought which is here and the strategy of public relations for a group I consider to grasp the center of the power.
That can be called a main subject of propaganda.
I think America and England involve the back of IS.
When 2020 Summer Olympics was decided in Istanbul, it was holding in the first Islam area.
When I think now if it’ll be so.
I’m certain that the Islamic countries cooperated with Turkey in a body.
There is also a point of view that it’s Japan that that was prevented.
Truth or falsehood of a matter is understood only by a person concerned.
Because it isn’t understood, it’s inevitable to judge by conjecture, inference and guess.
That’s worth in nine cases out of ten.
In history, if, but, why, I think the viewpoint is also important.

The true meaning of “Sontaku”.

Moritomo school is exchange by a ruler, a bureaucrat and a person concerned by Kake school, and terminology as “surmise (surmise)” has frequently come out, the meaning is also incomprehensible as Japanese, oh, it’s done, and, and, when it’s translated into a foreign language, it seems difficult.
There seems to be a definition called “guess”, but it isn’t also quite satisfactory too much.

But a definition in MOYURUPEN?
1) “I guess so that I may sense partner’s feeling and share a matter.”
2) “I make something around sense the will, and it’s moved by the pressure of the power other persons don’t see.”
3) “Without making an event realize that I don’t come to my body in the condition, a fact makes a partner plant a threatening concept, and I make a fact be accomplished.”
4) “I have to persuade a partner to make them use as this will, I’ll make them conscious of bureaucrat’s judgement befittingly, have it by a power relationship and reprove for vague language in forcing way in a difficult case.”
It’s thought whether it’ll be the definition which says so.
You think it’s better for a word to show the situation of the others who influences a word to a foreigner by a phrase than itself, right?






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The U.S.-North Korea peace and friendship treaty conclusion X day I advance under the surface of the water.


Mr. donald and Mr. Putin are under the surface of the water.
From North Korea, an American peace and friendship treaty and an armistice.
A movement in the end of the war is talked about.
The mass media are strengthening a firm stance to North Korea with a Japanese government.
While making it Japan-U.S. alliance reinforcement officially, under the surface of the water
It seems to be the situation that I say “Abe don’t interfere at all!”
In short Japan is outside the mosquito net. If trouble disappears in Korean Peninsula.
A Japanese military salesman would have to steer big in defensive defense.
Right of collective self-defense is annihilated. By UN, still.
There are no hands hit with Mr. Abe in Japan incorporated in a former enemy country article.
The Japanese footing where I wish self-protection by an American paper lantern carrier is also fragile.
To admit nuclearization internationally by a NPT treaty?
When I say only by the number of the atomic warhead by only 5 permanent directors.
USA, 9400 shots and Russia, 13000 shots and the United Kingdom, 185 shots.
240 shots of 300 shots and China also have France.
It’s also the number which is to the extent thousands of times also make the earth be ruined.
I think that’s that I’m quite afraid.
“For the world without stones” though Mr. OBAMA raises that by a pipe dream.
200,000,000,000,000 yen of new nuclear budget of development is also secured.
Where would you like to say is Nobel peace prize though it isn’t being carried out?
A sense of irresponsibility can’t be wiped on the side where a prize was given.
India where I don’t participate in NPT, 80 shots and Pakistan, 90 shots.
North Korea, more than 10 shots and Israel, 80 shots.
Iran, Syria and Myanmar are a possession suspicion country.
Nuclear sharing is a relation with NATO, Germany Italian Netherlands Belgium.
Even if how much does North Korea do a launch experiment of a missile and a nuclear test, each country, already.
It neither be marvellous nor be flustered.
When some countries use once, a brake disappears.
This world ends. That a stone is being possessed with the resolution?
The nuclear use is impossible 99 %. It’s Japan.
It’s an atomic warhead as much as thousands of shots by used plutonium quantity possessed.
I should recognize that the situation that it can be made has that.
So, a Japanese leader?
The ability the Constitution of Japan with good sense is being made important to which is needed.




Japanese bellicose DNA by a historical viewpoint.

As soon as transmission of guns was done at Tanegashima Japanese warlike ages.
A gun as much as millions of pieces is deployed in the country instantly.
When a missionary visited Japan from the Europe Great Powers.
I lay eyes on the form that tens of thousands of Deshiro is kept and strong military are kept in all part.
At this rate it’s said that they realized that it isn’t possible to attack Japan.
Japan accounted for 60 percent of the military weapon of warlike ages and the world actually.
One in the country, several, the century between when I spend my time in a war and it’s Tokugawa government
A world in Taihei materialized finally in Japan.
The Shogunate keeps Deshiro completely sixty-four states even the other day.
Defense system was being built.
The Shogunate side doesn’t seem to make a system as alternate-year attendance rebel in each feudal clan.
I aimed at financial impoverishment.
I say that the catching busting of a feudal clan was planned by some ways when thinking it was dangerous.
Is it same as the rebellion of LDP now?
USA presses an unequal decision as Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan in Japan by Black Ship.
I have stepped on a tiger’s tail of the Japanese people who were fully enjoying Taihei.
In the Japanese race which has forgot a war.
All old Japanese gold coins (Tokyo Dome, for several) are stolen by exchange operation.
After the Civil War ended early, munitions remain.
United Kingdom and France, both are sold to the Shogunate and a government army as agency.
There is cause of the Boshin War you didn’t have to do for them.
Sakamoto Ryoma is a so-called arms merchant. If so it was without business, it’s put out.
Japan had to depend on a debt by new government establishment and the wealth and military strength of a country, and was.
An escape disappears and is fighting with backs to the wall in essence.
Means disappear but I prepare a war and have the indemnity in my hand.
Each country knows the most bellicose race and a Japanese identity in the world.
USA makes Japan prepare a war and drops an atomic bomb as retaliation.
A true intention should fear Japanese nuclear retaliation even now.
Japan where the amount of the plutonium which is to the extent thousands of atomic warheads can also be made, is possessed.
If it’ll be a difficult situation, Japan would make sooner or later.
North Korea isn’t the number of the thing.
So each country overlooks the man of character who has Japanese character of the leader and self-control.
I think Mr. Abe has the no right.
The form it’s a school establishment problem whether it’s TA or, and that I’m going to rush to and fro and twist a peaceful constitution?
It doesn’t change very with Mr. Kim.
Building of defense system based on defensive defense and obeying of a peaceful constitution.
It’s regarded as the only choices against which Japan is defended.