“The future of the mankind who didn’t look at kind of matters any more”

Rise of an American first principle and an own country first principle at Europe?
When seeing the longitude and latitude of the history, it can be predicted easily.
A refugee presses against Europe from Middle East all part.
Each country, a victim, after a wall of its limit is felt beyond latitude.
It becomes exclusive. Why doing many refugees’ surge and come or.
The kind which says so is removed, and, a free own country, first, and, only the face I say has wings.
Is the fact finished with that….?

But that can’t be finished.

I see historically and bring about civilized fate certainly.
Even if fate of a Chinese thousands of vintage dynasty is seen, understand.
It’ll be fate of the history that the present Communist Party of China dynasty also ends.
The colony principle in the Europe Great Powers that the Middle East was offended during these one thousand years.
After I make it ignored to become the cause which bears the refugee now.
Only in the current state in which an own country first principle and a folk principle-like thought can wield the power
Why aren’t eyes attracted?
Human evolution seems so that it may stop now.
From the civilization of the planet quite similar to 40 light-years of earth
How are we seen by an earthling?
Have you thought?
We who live in the earth now?
As far as myself have the first principle and an own country first principle.
The future eternity wouldn’t stop for a repeat of a slaughter and destruction.
Mutual coexistence and a mutual help relation
Only to become the start which looks at the human future seems certain.

Ave flea camphor tree and the nationalism which cause a flounder of Japanese economy.

























Ave flea camphor tree and the nationalism

which cause a flounder of Japanese economy.

The sell point that a national land is improper and nationalism of the regression of prewar days.

I have begun to project on a dark cloud and a free economy area to Asia whole region.

Even if it’s made the second Moritomo school problem even if it’s made Moritomo school problem.

A big doubtful point occurs to a concern of a bureaucrat and a councilor.

The whole opinion is presenting a question about the government Government party.

I’m out to the gambling in which I don’t have the ear heard at Nagata-cho.

A power base of stable majority is making them do that.

Even if there is a general election by expiration of term even if there is a sudden dismissal general election.

It’s expected that support to LDP and Komeito will fall.

New president accedes, and, 100 days?

There seems to be a practice seen generously in American society.

When passing that, no one knows what happens.

GPIF considers the former profit during such situation.

It tries to be the American investment fund aggressively.

Even if a flow of the world is looked around, there is a guarantee from which the second of loach can be rescued nowhere.

Because exhausted danger can’t exclude the pension fund when being worst.

The pension fund doesn’t turn its eyes to practical use.

I think the safekeeping which is huge rock should be promised.

Because it’s something to look like a national important savings propensity depositor.

I was astonished that Kake school affiliates was made the target in a state strategy special ward.

Because it’s a government starts the second, and that it’s immediately, Abe.

This should have a reason certainly.

But, they say that they make it closed.

I make an opinion run with the charge government which can die and the polity of good sense.

“Diplomatic scanning of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Shinzo Abe”



“Diplomatic scanning of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Shinzo Abe”

The postwar world order of UN is solid.
Even if it’ll be the 21st century, that can’t move it.
Even if how does Japan which is a vanquished nation struggle, one besides five victorious countries (in China, exception)
They can say that it’ll be a permanent member of the Security Council, or.
The four northern islands are Yalta Conference and because it was decided, the return is impossible.
When I say such thing, it may seem an unpatriotic person.
I think that’s the right point of view when it’s judged by The Military Balance.
The Japan and U.S. summit of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Abe, personally.
Even if it’s being seen, I don’t try to accept physiologically.
It’s that Mr. Donald Trump is just carrying out the thing which is as pledge before election.
When judging from a supporter, it’ll be itself excitingly.
An enforcing remark stands out to Japan, and that what happens, concerned putting and.
Well, a word may be improper at the meeting, Mr. Abe is the one of Mr. Donald Trump.
It wasn’t a pleasant one personally in behavior like Courtesan.
In its back where 60 and between the old men in seventies produced a scene of a handshake and embrace
The order by which I thought what to have suddenly.
China and U.S. have a degree higher than Japan of close friendship and are also between the same permanents member of the Security Council and.
Because Mr. Henry Kissinger is Chinese emphasis more than Japan.
Mr. Donald Trump is in the enough mind by the point, too.
Therefore the expectation which would like to divide the Pacific Ocean in two by China and U.S. and manage?
It should be connected under the surface of the water.
It can be guessed of course where the potential enemy of China-U.S. joint military exercise is and.
I find out that China is calmly watching political power of cards recently.
The former enemy country side tries to form a new world order into a text of law of UN.
When there are some signs, it’s incorporated to be able to destroy this and.
When Japan gives priority to right of collective self-defense in defensive defense, and it’s used.
It isn’t solid in imagination to become the coverage.
Such as Japan and U.S. meeting of Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Shinzo Abe is the full amount answer.
It isn’t when it’s restless.

Life expectancy of Donald Trump political power and future’s prediction.

Life expectancy of Donald Trump political power and future’s prediction.

Mr. Donald Trump assumed President Nii, but the mass media seem perplexed at a situation of prediction impossibility. USA, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and a French UN permanent member of the Security Council won’t also change to the situation that the world is towed from now on as a big flow. But do they seem to kill? Don’t you notice that real feelings of Mr. cards are peeped at from Twitter?

Mr. Donald Trump’s true purpose will win the presidential election, and is that it’ll be Chief Excutive, and I think to have no interest in maintenance of political power and the life expectancy. It’s thought to pass the baton of political power to a microphone penny vice-president after that at the way you should have for one year. So there will be resolution out of which firm presidential decree can be taken with a bonbon. The thing teased from President OBAMA at the end of the year before last has been a proposition to injure his honor and character and win the presidential election absolutely as revenge. He who was staying at Democratic Party of Japan side originally dipped real feelings in a Caucasian laborer bed of an electoral power base and the bed where you can’t get work with the behavior which doesn’t mind the appearance, did a word as “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” until trademark registration intentionally by a big PR strategy, hit Clinton camp thoroughly and won admirably to be the case that Hillary Clinton who wasn’t at outs runs from the said party and be nominated from the scanty Republican Party from before. I’d take out UMI for eight years of lost OBAMA political power and announce inconsistent presidential decree by the shape as the proposal. A strategy of public relations for approximately 100 days. By slanting judge, you think it’s better to catch Aramasa right of cards. So isn’t the way where the Japanese soul who could take advantage of the helpless condition challenged martial arts with Mr. Donald Trump thoroughly a wise policy? Mr. Donald Trump feels hostility to the vested interest of Establishment, a rise of the unemployed and an illegal immigration, and I’m thinking I’ll think of the negative legacy for which a OBAMA government left it as the proposition I have to process absolutely. I’m certain that Japanese too much leaning to USA will be something dangerous.

Impressions of the performance diplomacy without history recognition, reflection and an apology.

How about a result for the person who prepared a war first basically, oh.
I don’t get away predominantly in a prepared way and.
The responsibility also continues the future eternity mentally.
The state of the purification ceremony in the wrongdoer side and the victim side will be also important historically.
When a wrongdoer discounted, there is no life for a highest officer and.
An appropriate penalty is imposed.
Commander in chief of Imperial Headquarters is Emperor Showa who was on the navy side.
Mr. grandfather Kishi Nobusuke of Mr. Abe grasped Manchu power.
Even if a word of reconciliation and the mutual profit is used with alliance.
That a postwar halt was called is difficult to say and.
After the viewpoint of the Asian countries as well as a war in the Pacific Ocean are also known.
When I don’t speak, a problem spreads. There is also some truth in Chinese say and.
There is also fact that poison gas as much as tens of thousands of shots is still sleeping Chinese underground.
The compensation to China the old Japanese military prepared is also left.
I tried to prevent a colonist policy in the Anglo-saxon Europe Great Powers.
In the back of the good reason of five group republic
Because there was also a strategy as an Asian advance of Imperial Headquarters.
I think there isn’t supposed to be no Japanese history recognition and apology.
I think Mr. Abe’s Pearl Harbor visit should be done first than Hiroshima visit of Mr. OBAMA.
That will be the one as a quarter. “If I lose, I try again.”.
The one by which that’s the instinct of the man, so we decide, and, after that, I don’t escape, I don’t have that.
The cause of the confusion in Afghanistan and Iraq is made.
USA which produced many victims and the British responsibility are also big.
It’s certain that cause of IS birth is there.
Hiroshima’s holocaust and a case that cause of indiscriminate blanket bombing fitted Pearl Harbor?
Historical fact proves that.
Does Mr. Abe have such recognition?
If this Mr. Abe’s Pearl Harbor visit isn’t a kind of performance.
It’ll be a helped thing to be seen.

It’s a by-talk.
I’ll be certain that the approval rate of Abe ministry will do a nose-dive next year.
So surprise as dismissal may be done over now.

The future of 1% or 99%.

For a person and the organization to accomplish a matter.

The proposal of established existence and reformation to the way is indispensable.

Anti-reform forces on the side where an established stronghold is often defended desperately can’t be despised.

So it conforms to a law or is a way besides that, and whether it’s executed.

It’s pressed a choice between two things for.

So human history will repeat creation and destruction.

FBI avoided a supplementary action by Hillary Clinton’s mail re-investigation.

Even though it was avoided, it wasn’t decided that Hillary Clinton camp was innocent.

A mail, with the fact that I planned for destruction of evidence selfishly.

Half of page is Ciro coating (I say vulgarly, black-painted) by opening to the public of investigation.

Excessive contribution suspicion is disclosed to the wife of feds who takes charge of investigating.

Suspicion to Mr. Hillary Clinton who avoided a supplementary action doesn’t clear up, but.

It’s the result which bears expansion of suspicion.

The strategy to which Mr. bunny Saunders is entrapped in the designation election is disclosed.

Even if the person in charge who resigned is seen, it’s possible to peep at Mr. Hillary Clinton’s strategy.

Donald Trump supporter exists fairly in the Hillary Clinton camp.

A cry is raised and the people who can’t say are called the silent majority.

There is also a lot of criticism to a partner in Mr. Donald Trump’s speech, but there is also a lot of policy relation.

A mail problem is an insignificant one.

For Mr. Donald Trump who makes the lost American conscience and activating a catchphrase.

It’s a truism to listen.

If Hillary Clinton Democratic Party of Japan government is established, there is a future for 1%.

When Donald Trump Republican Party government is established, there is a future for 99%.